Character Information:

Ash's Lucario


Character Names / Voice Actors:
Known As:
  • Flag Ash's Lucario
  • Flag サトシのルカリオ
  • Flag Satoshi no Lucario
  • Flag Satoshi's Lucario
Ash's Lucario is the evolved form of Ash's Riolu. It evolved during the battle against Chairman Rose's Copperajah and Chairman Rose's Ferrothorn at the Hammerlocke Stadium.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Vacuum Wave Type PM2019 21 Learned as a Riolu.
Double Team Type PM2019 27 Learned as a Riolu.
Reversal Type PM2019 27 Learned as a Riolu.
Force Palm Type PM2019 27 Learned as a Riolu.
Aura Sphere Type PM2019 45 Learned right after evolving into a Lucario.
Series Title
PM2019 46 バトル&ゲット!ミュウツーの復活Battling & Getting! Mewtwo Comes Back
PM2019 47 ポケモンチャンピオン!大食い王決定戦!!Pokémon Champion! The Battle of Big Eaters!!
PM2019 45 ソード&シールドⅣ 最強の剣と盾Sword & Shield IV: The Ultimate Sword and Shield
PM2019 48 ほぼほぼピカチュウ危機一髪!Almost Pikachu Crisis!
PM2019 51 Trials of a Budding Master!カモネギ大いなる試練! The Great Kamonegi Trial!
PM2019 53 伝説ゲット!?水の守護神スイクンを探せ!!Getting a Legend?! Search for Suicune, the Guardian Deity of Water!!
PM2019 60 めざせネギマスター!つらぬけ騎士道!!Aim to Become Leek Master! Stay With Me, Chivalry!!
PM2019 65 ドラゴンバトル!サトシ VSアイリス!!Dragon Battle! Satoshi VS Iris!!
PM2019 70 Take My Thief! Please!/おねがい!モルペコゲットして!!/Please Get Morpeko!!
PM2019 76 All Out, All of the Time!/ゼンリョク!アローア無人島レース!!/Fully Powered! The Alola Desert Island Race!!
PM2019 77 Ultra Exciting from the Shocking Start!/超電磁ハイパークラスバトル!/A Super-Electromagnetic Hyper Class Battle!
PM2019 78 Detective Drizzile!/狙われたサクラギ研究所!/The Sakuragi Laboratories Become a Target!
PM2019 84 ルカリオナイト!メガ島大冒険!!/The Lucarionite! Adventure on Mega Island!!
PM2019 85 ライバル対決!サトシVSサイトウ!!/Rival Showdown! Satoshi VS Saito!!
PM2019 86 メガシンカVSキョダイマックス/Mega Evolution VS Kyodaimax
PM2019 88 トライアルミッション!深海潜水調査団!!/Trial Mission! The Deep Sea Diver Research Team!!
PM2019 89 冬SP第1話!ディアルガ&パルキア!時空大異変!!/Winter Special #1! Dialga & Palkia! The Space-time Cataclysm!!
PM2019 90 冬SP第2話!ディアルガ&パルキア!時空大決戦!!/Winter Special #2! Dialga & Palkia! The Decisive Space-time Battle!!