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  • Flag Hapu
  • Flag ハプウ
  • Flag Hapu
  • Flag Hapu
Hapu is a girl that lives on Poni Island, near a field of Poni Radishes that she grows and sells over the island. She learned battle skills with her grandfather Sofu, who was the former Island King. Although Hapu's parents live in the area as well, they say she refuses to leave the farm as she's attached to it as she used to live there with Sofu.

She really doesn't like to lose battles. There weren't any children her age living in her neighborhood growing up, so her battle opponents were always adults. While she was younger, she lost a lot, but she kept challenging the adults on the island until she finally started winning.

Someone kept steeling all her precious Poni Radishes and she thought Ash Ketchum was one of the people stealing them. The radishes from Hapu's farm are especially well-rounded while retaining their spiciness, so they're as delicious as they can be and therefore making them a target for thieves.
Owned Pokémon
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  • United States Hapu's Golurk
  • Japan ハプウのゴルーグ
  • Japan Hapu no Goloog
  • Japan Hapu's Goloog
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Hapu's Mudsdale
  • Japan ハプウのバンバドロ
  • Japan Hapu no Banbadoro
  • Japan Hapu's Banbadoro