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Titles and Airdates
  • United States 2000-12-18 The Little Big Horn
  • Japan 1999-12-09 オドシシ!まぼろしのもり!?
  • Japan Odoshishi! Maboroshi no Mori!?
  • Japan 1999-12-09 Odoshishi! Forest of Illusions!?
  • Germany Das kleine Damhirplex
  • France Le tout petit des grands bois
  • Spain El pequeño gran cuerno
  • Sweden Brock och Stantler
  • Italy Un amico da salvare
  • Mexico El pequeño gran cuerno
  • Finland 2002-02-09 Sarvissa on taikaa!
  • Taiwan 驚角鹿,幻影森林
  • Poland Mały wielki róg
  • Netherlands De Hoorn des overvloeds
  • Brazil O Pequeno Grande Chifre!
  • Israel הסטנטלר הקטן
  • Czechia Malé velké paroží
  • Greece Το Μικρό Ελάφι
  • Portugal O Pequeno Grande Corno

OP/ED List

Ash and co. are headed for another city while on their way to Violet City. They are making their way through a shortcut. Pikachu senses something in the bushes. Something that looks like eyes comes out. Brock tells the group that those aren't eyes. Finally, the thing comes out. It is a Stantler, and its horns were mistaken for eyes. Ash looks up Stantler in his Pokédex. Misty wonders what Stantler is doing in the city. Brock says that this Stantler is still young and probably got lost. Brock then kneels down to the ground and starts to act like a Stantler. He tells Ash and Misty that in order to get close to a Stantler, you have to act like one. When Brock gets closer to Stantler, Stantler gets a bit creeped out and backs away. Suddenly, Brock sees that Stantler's leg is injured. He offers Stantler some food. Stantler then sends out a purple aroma which smells very refreshing. Ash and co. snaps out of their trance from the aroma. They see a herd of Stantler behind Brock. Brock runs from the baby Stantler with Ash and Misty following him. The herd begins to chase them down. A few seconds later, Ash and co. stop for a rest. They notice that the herd isn't anywhere in sight. Brock hopes that the Stantler's mother can take care of it. Then another rustle in the bushes occur. Thinking that it might be the herd, Ash and co. stand guard. However, Officer Jenny pops out. She tells them that they need to fill out a report at the station.

At the station, Officer Jenny says that a lot of families don't go near the park anymore because the herd of Stantler keeps chasing them out. Misty finds it strange because Stantler usually live in the mountains. Officer Jenny agrees with her, but for some reason the Stantler have moved down. Brock thinks that it's crazy about how the Stantler were chasing them because they disappeared without a trace. Suddenly, a faint scream is heard. Ash and co. runs outside. They see Team Rocket running. Team Rocket says their motto. When they are done, they tell Ash and co. that the Stantler were chasing them. Team Rocket looks behind them and notice that the Stantler aren't chasing them anymore. Everyone finds it strange on how the Stantler always just disappear. Suddenly, a Stantler that is hiding in an alley lets out an aroma again. The herd suddenly appears and Team Rocket runs. Everyone but Brock runs inside the police station. Brock watches carefully at the Stantler, and he finally realizes how the Stantler are always disappearing. The herd comes closer to Brock. They trample over Brock, but when the herd disappears, Brock is still standing in the same spot. Out on the street is the baby Stantler. Brock reassures the Stantler that it will be safe.

Back at the police station, Brock bandages up Stantler's leg. Stantler thanks Brock by sitting on Brock's lap. Ash and Misty ask Brock where the other Stantler had went. Brock explains to them that there weren't any other Stantler. This baby Stantler only used the scent of its aroma to trick everyone in thinking there was a herd. Officer Jenny asks Brock how he figured out that the herd was an illusion. Brock tells her that he saw some of the herd past right through lightposts, and so the herd must've been fake. Misty says that the baby Stantler caused a lot of trouble. Brock reminds her that it was the only thing that Stantler could do to protect itself. Officer Jenny is impressed at what Brock knew. Ash tells her that Brock wants to become a great breeder. Brock begins to talk about how he saw the feelings in the Stantler's eyes. He knew that Stantler felt alone and sad.

Team Rocket has been listening in Ash and co.'s conversation. Meowth tells his friends that they've been cheated. Only one of the Stantler was real. James tells the group that he has an Anti Stantler Secret Weapon. Meowth tells James that he doesn't look as brainless as he is. Jessie asks James how he got the weapon. James tells her that he used up the rest of their money to buy it. Jessie and Meowth get frustrated with him, but James tells them that they have to catch something good to give to the boss.

At night, Ash and co. are discussing of what they should do with the Stantler tomorrow. Ash and Misty notice that the Stantler is really attached to Brock and that he should keep it. Brock tells them that it probably wants its mother who is back in the mountains. He tells them that anyone should know that. Misty tells Brock that he really can sense of what is in a Pokémon's heart because he has a good one himself.

The next day, Ash and co. walk to the place where the road to the mountains are at. Brock places Stantler down and tells it to go back home. Stantler starts to bond with Brock. Ash and Misty think that Brock should keep it for awhile. Then Brock demands to Stantler to go home and stay there. Seeing the harshness of Brock, Stantler slowly walks back to its home. Brock knows that Stantler will be alright.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is searching for Stantler from their balloon. Meowth spots it, and they begin to float down to it. Brock notices Team Rocket is approaching the Stantler. James gets out a remote and presses a button. A big giant robot Stantler comes out. Jessie and Meowth wants to know how James' weapon works. Stantler tries to use the same aroma as before, but it doesn't work. Then James presses another button, and a net shoots out from the robot which captures the Stantler. Now Team Rocket has to go down and get it. Meowth understands that Stantler only wants to find its mother again. Meowth asks Jessie and James if they should let it go, but they don't want to. Jessie and James gathers up Stantler and they head off. Brock runs up to them. James presses another button on his remote and the robot Stantler shoots out some long sticks, blocking Brock's way. Meowth asks James if he is going to take his robot with him. James doesn't want to since they already have Stantler. Brock sends out Onix. Onix uses Tackle on the robot, and then it uses Bind. The Stantler gets crushed and explodes. Brock then returns Onix. Just then, Ash and Misty come up. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, but Team Rocket is too far away for the attack to work. Brock calls out for Stantler.

Suddenly, another Stantler runs out from the forest. It jumps up and slices Team Rocket's balloon in half. Stantler starts to fall. Bulbasaur tries a Vine Whip to grab onto the net. However, the net breaks from the bottom, and Stantler begins to fall again. Brock runs as fast as he can, and he catches Stantler. Team Rocket falls to the ground too. They notice a herd of Stantler staring at them. Team Rocket thinks that it is the same trick again. James throws his remote which hits a Stantler's head. The Stantler then crushes the remote. Team Rocket soon realizes that they are facing a real herd of Stantler. The herd runs towards Team Rocket and throws them in the air, blasting them off again.

At sunset, Brock says a farewell to Stantler. Stantler's mother comes up and hugs her baby. Then the herd departs and head back to the mountains.

English Official Summary

Brock saves a lost and frightened Stantler fawn and carefully nurses it back to health before releasing it. Little does he know that Team Rocket lies hidden nearby, waiting to capture the defenseless fawn.

Italian Official Summary

Brock trova un cucciolo di Stantler smarrito e spaventato e lo cura amorevolmente, ma riuscirà a tenerlo in salvo dalle grinfie del Team Rocket sempre all’agguato?

Portuguese Official Summary

Quando Brock descobre um Stantler ferido e assustado num parque, ele decide tratá-lo. Mas com Jessie, James e Meowth no pedaço, poderá ele manter Stantler seguro?

Spanish Latin America Official Summary

Cuando Brock descubre a un Stantler herido y asustado en un parque cercano, decide cuidarlo hasta curarlo. Pero con Jessie, James y Meowth tras ellos, ¿podrá mantener al Stantler a salvo?

Spanish Official Summary

Brock salva a un Stantler beis perdido y asustado y lo cura cuidadosamente antes de soltarlo.

English Great Britian Official Summary

Brock saves a lost and frightened Stantler fawn and carefully nurses it back to health before releasing it. Little does he know that Team Rocket lies hidden nearby, waiting to capture the defenseless fawn.

Dutch Official Summary

Als Brock een gewonde en angstige Stantler ontdekt in een park, besluit hij om hem te verzorgen. Maar kan hij Stantler beschermen, nu Jessie, James en Meowth achter hem aan zitten?

French Official Summary

Pierre sauve un faon Cerfrousse perdu et apeuré, et le soigne avec attention avant de le relâcher.

German Official Summary

Rocko rettet ein verirrtes und verängstigtes Damhirplex und päppelt es wieder auf, bevor er es freilässt.


Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash Ketchum
  • Japan サトシ
  • Japan Satoshi
  • Japan Satoshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Pikachu
  • Japan ピカチュウ
  • Japan Pikachu
  • Japan Pikachu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Misty
  • Japan カスミ
  • Japan Kasumi
  • Japan Kasumi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Brock
  • Japan タケシ
  • Japan Takeshi
  • Japan Takeshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Misty's Togepi
  • Japan カスミのトゲピー
  • Japan Kasumi no Togepi
  • Japan Kasumi's Togepi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Meowth
  • Japan ニャース
  • Japan Nyarth
  • Japan Nyarth
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie
  • Japan ムサシ
  • Japan Musashi
  • Japan Musashi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States James
  • Japan コジロウ
  • Japan Kojirō
  • Japan Kojiro
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Officer Jenny
  • Japan ジュンサー
  • Japan Junsa
  • Japan Junsa
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Brock's Onix
  • Japan タケシのイワーク
  • Japan Takeshi no Iwark
  • Japan Takeshi's Iwark
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Bulbasaur
  • Japan サトシのフシギダネ
  • Japan Satoshi no Fushigidane
  • Japan Satoshi's Fushigidane

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Stantler
  • Japan オドシシ
  • Japan Odoshishi
No notes available for this episode.

Who's that Pokémon Johto Journeys


Who's that Pokémon Dare da


Okido Segment Pokémon Lecture

Pokémon Lecture & Senryu
Pokémon Golduck (ゴルダック)
Japanese ゴルダック ゴールダクールな ひとおよぎ

Japanese Music:

Time Track Notes
Japan 00:00 OK!
Japanese (Romanized): OK!
Japanese (Trans): OK!
Opening Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 01:28 1999-2001-M02 タイトル
Japanese (Romanized): Title
Japanese (Trans): Title
The group walks through a city.
Japan 02:00 1999-2001-M12 An Odoshishi appears from the bushes.
Japan 02:18 1997-1998-M52 Title Card Kanto Title Card
Japan 02:25 1999-2001-M13 Satoshi checks Odoshishi with his Zukan.
Japan 04:03 1999-2001-M25 The group feels a smell.
Japan 04:30 1999-2001-M20 戦闘!トレーナー(ジョウト)
Japanese (Romanized): Sentō! Trainer (Jouto)
Japanese (Trans): Fight! Trainer (Jouto)
A whole lot of Odoshishi appear behind Takeshi.
Japan 05:39 1999-2001-M11 An Officer Junsa appears from the bushes.
Japan 07:00 1997-1998-M20B なんだかんだと聞かれたら… B
Japanese (Romanized): Nandakanda to Kikaretara…
Japanese (Trans): If You Ask Us About Whatever...
Rocket Gang says its motto seemingly with some rush.
Japan 07:57 1999-2001-M25 Odoshishi lets go a smell again.
Japan 08:04 1999-2001-M20 戦闘!トレーナー(ジョウト)
Japanese (Romanized): Sentō! Trainer (Jouto)
Japanese (Trans): Fight! Trainer (Jouto)
The main section of the music plays as a group of Odoshishi charges against everyone.
Japan 09:01 ポケモン城
Japanese (Romanized): Pokémon shiro
Japanese (Trans): The Pokémon Castle
Movie 1 BGM - Takeshi stood alone in the middle of the street, revealing to the group that the Odoshishi were just an illusion.
Japan 09:32 1997-1998-M53 Eyecatch A Dare da?
Japan 09:38 1997-1998-M54 Eyecatch B Odoshishi!
Japan 10:12 1999-2001-M09 Takeshi talks about Odoshishi.
Japan 12:08 1997-1998-M26B ロケット団隠密作戦 B
Japanese (Romanized): Rocket-dan Onmitsu Sakusen
Japanese (Trans): The Rocket Gang's Secret Schemes
Nyarth notices something from the balloon.
Japan 13:12 1997-1998-M09 再会
Japanese (Romanized): Saikai
Japanese (Trans): Reunion
At night, the group talks about the sleeping Odoshishi.
Japan 14:38 1997-1998-M05 祈り
Japanese (Romanized): Inori
Japanese (Trans): Prayer
Takeshi orders Odoshishi to go, as he's free now.
Japan 15:24 1999-2001-M22 視線!ロケット団
Japanese (Romanized): Shisen! Rocket-dan
Japanese (Trans): Eye Contact! Rocket Gang
Takeshi sees Rocket Gang going in Odoshishi's direction.
Japan 16:52 1999-2001-M29 Odoshishi releases a smell into Nyarth, sensibilizing him.
Japan 17:25 1999-2001-M02 タイトル
Japanese (Romanized): Title
Japanese (Trans): Title
Takeshi runs to save Odoshishi while yelling that he's there to help it. After the first section ends, the music stops.
Japan 17:59 1999-2001-M02 タイトル
Japanese (Romanized): Title
Japanese (Trans): Title
The next section of the music starts when Takeshi sends out Iwark to help him.
Japan 19:11 1999-2001-M38 ~OK!~ (BONUS-TRACK) An adult Odoshishi appears and cuts Rocket Gang's balloon in half.
Japan 20:41 1999-2001-M27 The group lets the baby Odoshishi return to his family.
Japan 21:44 ニャースのパーティ
Japanese (Romanized): Nyarth no Party
Japanese (Trans): Nyarth's Party
Ending Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 23:06 1997-1998-M33A Professor Okido's Pokémon Lectures Professor Okido's Pokémon Lecture
Japan 23:10 1997-1998-M18B トキワへの道‐マサラより
Japanese (Romanized): Tokiwa e no michi - Masara yori
Japanese (Trans): The Road to Tokiwa - From Masara
Okido explains the characteristics of Golduck.
Japan 23:54 Okido's Senryū Theme Okido recites a Senryū.
Japan 24:05 Mezase Pokémon Master Instrumental Johto Episode 10 preview

Music Statistics:

Number of Assigned Tracks to the Japanese Original: 29
Number of Assigned Tracks to the English Dub: 0
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