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  • Flag Tupp
  • Flag タッパ
  • Flag Tupper
Team Skull Grunts are nasty bunch of people that will force people into battling them if you don't watch your words and then try to take their opponents Pokémon as their prize for winning the battle.

In Tupp's youth, a bunch of girls thought it was cool that Tupp already had a partner Pokémon but when they saw Ilima's Eevee, they thought it was a lot more cute than his Alolan Grimer. Since that day, Tupp has had a grudge against Ilima because he blames him for stealing the glory days of his youth. Dude's like Tupp have a hard time with girls because they have to compete against popular guys like Ilima and they don't stand a chance.
Owned Pokémon
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  • United States Tupp's Grimer
  • Japan タッパ のベトベター
  • Japan Tupper no Betbeter
  • Japan Tupper's Betbeter
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Tupp's Salandit
  • Japan タッパのヤトウモリ
  • Japan Tupper no Yatoumori