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Character Names
  • English / United States: Rapp's Zubat
  • Japanese / Japan: ラップのズバット
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Wrap no Zubat
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Wrap's Zubat
Voice Actors
Team Skull Grunts are nasty bunch of people that will force people into battling them if you don't watch your words and then try to take their opponents Pokémon as their prize for winning the battle. Rapp has multiple Zubat's but it is virtually impossible to determine the difference.
Known Moveset
Leech Life Type
First Seen: SM 1
It tried to use it on Bakugame but its shell exploded as it was stimulated.
Venoshock Type
First Seen: SM 11
It broke the strap off of the Moomoo Milk tank.
Bite Type
First Seen: SM 24
Nyabby dodged the attack.
Toxic Type
First Seen: SM 24
During the group battle against Satoshi's Pokémon, the attack missed.
Supersonic Type
First Seen: SM 25
The 5th move her Zubat knows but she does have multiple Zubat's so this 5th attack may not be assigned to the same one.
Wing Attack Type
First Seen: SM 65
Ilima's Eevee dodged it.
Air Cutter Type
First Seen: SM 84
It ate a Pollen Puff before it could get its attack off.
Series Title
SM 1
SM 11
SM 24
SM 25
SM 27
SM 65
SM 68
SM 84
SM 99
SM 104
SM 128
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