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Pokémon The Series - XYZ : Collection 2

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Audio Tracks:   English
Publisher:  Beyond Home Entertainment
Catalog #:  BHE7591
Release Date:  2017-02-01
Aspect Ratio:  16:9
Region Code:  
Video Format:  PAL
Storage Medium:  DVD9
Closed Captions?:  No
Rental Only?:  No


Ash and Pikachu’s adventure in the Kalos region is reaching its climax in Pokémon the Series: XYZ! The unusual bond between Ash and Greninja is on full display in Ash’s final Gym battle and then again up against his rivals Sawyer and Alain! Clemont introduces our heroes to his favourite event, the Gadget Festival. Serena steps up to help a new friend in Lumiose City, and the friendship between Bonnie and her strange little companion, Squishy, will be tested to the limit when Team Flare strikes!


Episode List
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  •   Satoshi and Alan! Gekkouga VS Mega Lizardon Once Again!!
  •   サトシとアラン!ゲッコウガVSメガリザードンふたたび!!
  •   The Synchronicity Test!
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  •   The Forest's Curse and the White Bokurei!
  •    森の呪いと白いボクレー!
  •   Making Friends and Influencing Villains!
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  •   Satoshi VS Champion Carne! VS Mega Sirknight!!
  •   サトシ対チャンピオン・カルネ!VSメガサーナイト!!
  •   Championing a Research Battle!
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  •   Rival Showdown! Satoshi VS Shota!!
  •   ライバル対決!サトシVSショータ!!
  •   A Full-Strength Battle Surprise!
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  •   Eisetsu Gym Match! A Battlefield of Ice!!
  •   エイセツジム戦!氷のバトルフィールド!!
  •   All Hail the Ice Battlefield!
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  •   The Winding Woods... The Dawn of Evolution!
  •   迷いの森・・・進化の夜明け!
  •   Seeing the Forest for the Trees!
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  •   Satoshi Gekkouga VS Mega Yukinooh! The Giant Water Shuriken Triggers!!
  •   サトシゲッコウガVSメガユキノオー!発動巨大水手裏剣!!
  •   A Real Icebreaker!
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  •   Find Melecie! Numelgon and Dedenne!!
  •   メレシーを探せ!ヌメルゴンとデデンネ!!
  •   A Diamond in the Rough!
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  •   Heatbursts at the Ingenuity Festival!
  •   爆熱の機巧フェスティバル!
  •   A Gaggle of Gadget Greatness!
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  •   The Kalos League Begins! Mega Lizardon Showdown: X VS Y!!
  •   カロスリーグ開幕!メガリザードン対決・X対Y!!
  •   A League of His Own!
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  •   Mega Jukain VS Raichu! I Received Some EXP!!
  •   メガジュカインVSライチュウ!経験値頂きます!!
  •   Valuable Experience for All!
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  •   Semifinal Full Battle! Satoshi VS Shota!!
  •   準決勝フルバトル!サトシ対ショータ!!
  •   Analysis Versus Passion!
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  •   Rival Showdown! Satoshi Gekkouga VS Mega Jukain
  •   ライバル決戦!サトシゲッコウガVSメガジュカイン
  •   A Riveting Rivalry!
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  •   Fierce Fighting at the Kalos League! Gather, All of My Passion!!
  •   激闘カロスリーグ!集え、すべての熱き想いよ!!
  •   Kalos League Passion with a Certain Flare!
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  •   The Finals! Satoshi VS Alan!!
  •   決勝戦!サトシ対アラン!!
  •   Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted!
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  •   Kalos League Victory! Satoshi's Ultimate Match!!
  •   カロスリーグ優勝!サトシ頂上決戦!!
  •   Down to the Fiery Finish!
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  •   The Flare Gang Attacks! The Zygarde at the Prism Tower!!
  •   襲撃フレア団!プリズムタワーのジガルデ!!
  •   A Towering Takeover!
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  •   The Shocking Zygarde VS Zygarde! The Breaking World!!
  •   衝撃ジガルデ対ジガルデ!壊れゆく世界!!
  •   Coming Apart at the Dreams!
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  •   Attack on Miare Gym! The Citroid Forever!!
  •   突撃ミアレジム!シトロイドよ永遠に!!
  •   The Right Hero for the Right Job!
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  •   The Megalith Advances! Kalos' Defense Line!!
  •   進撃する巨石!カロス防衛線!!
  •   Rocking Kalos Defenses!
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  •   Zygarde Fights Back! The Final Battle for Kalos!!
  •   反撃のジガルデ!カロス最終決戦!!
  •   Forming a More Perfect Union!
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  •   We Start at Zero! Citron's Decision!
  •   はじまりはゼロ!シトロンの決断!
  •   Battling with a Clean Slate!
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  •   One Last Battle with Satoshi! Serena's Choice!!
  •   サトシとラストバトル!セレナの選択!!
  •   The First Day of the Rest of Your Life!
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  •   Farewell, Satoshi Gekkouga! Xerosicy Strikes Back
  •   さらばサトシゲッコウガ!クセロシキの逆襲
  •   Facing the Needs of the Many!
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  •   A Zero With No End! Till the Day we Meet Again!!
  •   終わりなきゼロ!また逢う日まで!!
  •   Till We Compete Again!