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Titles and Airdates
  • United States 2000-09-02 Charizard Chills
  • Japan 1999-07-22 リザードン!きみにきめた!!
  • Japan Lizardon! Kimi ni Kimeta!!
  • Japan 1999-07-22 Lizardon! I Choose You!!
  • Germany Willkommen im Dream Team!
  • France Tout feu tout flamme
  • Spain Charizard congelado
  • Sweden 2001-12-23 Charizard är iskall
  • Italy Un nuovo sfidante
  • Mexico ¡Charizard se enfría!
  • Taiwan 噴火龍,就決定是你了!
  • Poland Wzgórza Charizardów
  • Netherlands Een IJskoude Charizard
  • Brazil O Charizard Arrefece
  • Israel צ'אריזארד מתקרר
  • Czechia Zamražený Charizard
  • Norway Varme, kalde Charizard!
  • Denmark Charizard går kold
  • Greece Ο Τσάριζαρντ Ηρεμεί
  • Portugal O Charizard Arrefece
  • Russia Чаризард замерзает
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OP/ED List

Riding on Lapras
Ash and co. are sailing on Lapras again. Ash only needs one more badge to get into the Orange League. They see a boat coming their way. Misty thinks that the boat will hit them, but instead the boat goes to the side of them. A guy comes out of the boat snickering. Misty doesn't think that it's funny, and she tells the guy to apologize to Togepi. The guy thinks that her anger makes her look like a Tentacruel. Misty takes that as a compliment. The guy notices Ash right away. He introduces himself as Tad. Tad is trying to get into the Orange League too. Tad says that he battled the Trovita gym leader right after Ash. He likes to battle strong opponents. Tad challenges Ash to a battle, and Ash accepts his challenge. They decide to battle on the nearby island.

Team Rocket is on the island. They see Ash and co. coming along. Tad tells Ash that they will have a 2-on-2 battle. Tracey wonders which Pokémon Tad is going to use. Ash chooses Pikachu for his first Pokémon. Tad sends out Poliwrath. The strange thing is that this Poliwrath has some kind of belt on it. Ash looks up Poliwrath in his Pokédex. Tad says that his Poliwrath won a tournament back then. Knowing that it's a water type, Ash tells Pikachu to use Thundershock. Pikachu attacks, but Poliwrath evades it with Double Team. The many copies surrounds Pikachu. Pikachu goes through all of the copies with its Quick Attack. Pikachu shocks the real Poliwrath, but the attack didn't do much damage. Poliwrath uses Hypnosis, and Pikachu falls asleep. Lastly, Poliwrath uses Water Gun on Pikachu. Tracey says that Tad is very smart to let Pikachu use up its energy and then attacking. Misty thinks that Tad has lots of experience. Ash sends out Charizard for his second Pokémon. Misty and Tracey are worried about this, but Ash tells them to not worry. Charizard uses a Flamethrower attack on Ash. Tad tells Ash that he will never get into the Orange League if he uses Charizard. Charizard flies away from the battle scene, and it flies near the water. Poliwrath sprays Charizard with a Water Gun. Charizard, a bit angry, comes back. Ash tries to get Charizard's attention to battle, but Charizard justs knocks Ash down. Then Charizard tries a Flamethrower on Poliwrath, but the attack has no effect on Poliwrath. Charizard uses rapid fire attacks, but they don't work either. Ash tells Charizard to use a different attack, but Charizard doesn't listen to him. To wrap things up, Poliwrath uses Ice Beam freezing Charizard in a block of ice. Tad returns his Poliwrath and walks away.

Team Rocket has been watching Ash's battle. Jessie is surprised that Ash lost the battle. Meowth knows that Ash and co. will be staying on the island because Charizard needs to be defrosted. Team Rocket starts to think of a plan. At night, Ash is busy keeping Charizard warm. He sees Charizard's flame running low, and so Ash continues to rub its back. Pikachu points to Ash's hands. He looks down to see that his hands are scorched. Ash tells Pikachu to take a rest, but Pikachu wants to help too. Together, they both try to keep Charizard warm. Charizard wakes up, and it begins to shuffle around. Ash tries to keep Charizard calmed. Then Charizard falls back to the ground.

Misty and Tracey helps Ash keep Charizard warm. Tracey goes out to look for more firewood, and Misty gets the blanket from her backpack. Misty puts the blanket on Charizard. She tells Ash to use the blanket for rubbing Charizard. Tracey thinks that Charizard feels a little warmer, but its flame is still low. Charizard opens its eyes, but it is still weak. Ash explains to Charizard that even though he isn't the greatest trainer in the world, he knows that he is getting better. Furthermore, Ash wants to battle with Charizard as a team. Charizard remembers some of the good times he has had with Ash. A bunch of fires are now surrounding Charizard. Pikachu is glad that Charizard's flame is getting better. Everyone but Ash is starting to fall asleep. When everyone is sleeping, Ash continues to hope that Charizard will get better.

The next day, Charizard is out looking at the sea. He shows Ash is flame as it has gone back to normal. Suddenly, something bursts out, causing Pikachu to fly into the air. The machine opens up, and Pikachu slides right into it. Tad runs up wondering what the commotion is about. Team Rocket starts to say their motto. Pikachu tries to shock the cage, but it doesn't work. Team Rocket escapes by going underground. Ash wants to stop them. Charizard offers Ash some help. While on Charizard, Ash follows Team Rocket. Charizard jumps onto the machine. Charizard is about to use Flamethrower, but Ash tells Charizard that using Flamethrower will burn up Pikachu. With a powerful stomp, Charizard breaks the drill instead. The cage falls into Charizard's mouth. The cage breaks, and Pikachu is safe. Meowth presses a button, and a saw comes out from the machine. Charizard barely dodges the saw, and Ash falls off the Pokémon. Charizard stares at Ash, and it gives a loud roar. The flame on Charizard's tail rises greatly. Charizard is getting ready to use Rage! A Flamethrower is shot out a Team Rocket. Their machine explodes, and Team Rocket blasts off again.

Misty, Tracey, and Tad comes up to Ash. They congratulate Ash for getting Charizard on his side. Tad asks Ash for a rematch, and Ash and Charizard agrees on it. Tad sends out Poliwrath, and the battle starts. Poliwrath uses Water Gun, but Charizard flies into the air. Tad tells Ash that he isn't too bad. Charizard uses Ember, but Poliwrath's Water Gun douses it out. Poliwrath tries a Mega Kick, but Charizard's catches Poliwrath's foot. Poliwrath fires an Ice beam at Charizard, but Charizard dodges the attack. Charizard comes spinning down. It picks up Poliwrath and spins in the air. With the Seismic Toss, Charizard throws Poliwrath on the ground. Poliwrath is knocked out. Ash wins the battle.

Tad congratulates Ash for his victory. They shake hands, and then Tad leaves the island. Ash now thinks that he can beat everyone with Charizard. Charizard shoots out one last Flamethrower at the group. Misty and Tracey tells Ash not to get Charizard mad.

English Official Summary

Ash, Tracey and Misty are sailing along on Lapras when they almost crash into another Pokémon trainer wanting to battle Ash. This trainer heard about Ash from the Trovita Island gym leader and wants to put his Pokémon up against Ash's. When the new trainer uses a super-powerful Poliwrath on Charizard, it's more than anyone expects. Charizard finally decides to obey and respect Ash as not only his trainer but also his friend, and the two become closer than ever!

Italian Official Summary

Un Allenatore che ha sentito parlare di Ash dal Capopalestra di Trovita lo insegue e lo sfida: quando Pikachu finisce KO, Ash decide di lottare con Charizard. Riuscirà Ash a farsi ascoltare dal suo Pokémon più disobbediente?

Portuguese Official Summary

Após ouvir o Líder de Ginásio da Ilha Trovita falar de Ash, outro Treinador procura-o para um combate. Depois de Pikachu ser derrotado, Ash recorre ao seu Charizard. Conseguirá ele fazer o Pokémon rebelde dar-lhe ouvidos?

Spanish Latin America Official Summary

Luego de escuchar sobre Ash por el Líder de Gimnasio de Isla Trovita, otro Entrenador lo busca para una batalla… y luego de que Pïkachu es derrotado, Ash utiliza a Charizard. Pero, ¿logrará que el rebelde Pokémon lo escuche?

Spanish Official Summary

Ash Tracey y Misty navegan a bordo de Lapras, cuando casi se chocan con otro Entrenador Pokémon que quiere luchar con Ash.

English Great Britian Official Summary

Ash, Tracey and Misty are sailing along on Lapras when they almost crash into another Pokémon trainer wanting to battle Ash. This trainer heard about Ash from the Trovita Island gym leader and wants to put his Pokémon up against Ash's. When the new trainer uses a super-powerful Poliwrath on Charizard, it's more than anyone expects. Charizard finally decides to obey and respect Ash as not only his trainer but also his friend, and the two become closer than ever!

Dutch Official Summary

Een Trainer heeft van de Trovita Island Gym Leader over Ash gehoord en daagt hem uit tot een gevecht. Als Pikachu is uitgeschakeld, kiest Ash zijn Charizard. Maar lukt het hem om de opstandige Pokémon te laten luisteren?

French Official Summary

Alors qu'ils voguent sur le dos de Lokhlass, Sacha, Jacky et Ondine manquent de heurter un autre Dresseur Pokémon qui veut affronter Sacha.

German Official Summary

Ash, Tracey und Misty sind auf Lapras unterwegs, als sie beinahe mit einem anderen Pokémon-Trainer zusammenstoßen, der gegen Ash kämpfen will.

Danish Official Summary

Da en Træner hører om Ash fra Trovita-øens Salleder, opsøger han ham for at udfordre ham...og da Pikachu er slået ud, benytter Ash sin Charizard. Men kan han få den ulydige Pokémon til at høre efter?


Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash Ketchum
  • Japan サトシ
  • Japan Satoshi
  • Japan Satoshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Pikachu
  • Japan ピカチュウ
  • Japan Pikachu
  • Japan Pikachu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Misty
  • Japan カスミ
  • Japan Kasumi
  • Japan Kasumi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Brock
  • Japan タケシ
  • Japan Takeshi
  • Japan Takeshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Misty's Togepi
  • Japan カスミのトゲピー
  • Japan Kasumi no Togepi
  • Japan Kasumi's Togepi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Meowth
  • Japan ニャース
  • Japan Nyarth
  • Japan Nyarth
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie
  • Japan ムサシ
  • Japan Musashi
  • Japan Musashi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States James
  • Japan コジロウ
  • Japan Kojirō
  • Japan Kojiro
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Bulbasaur
  • Japan サトシのフシギダネ
  • Japan Satoshi no Fushigidane
  • Japan Satoshi's Fushigidane
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Charmander
  • Japan サトシのヒトカゲ
  • Japan Satoshi no Hitokage
  • Japan Satoshi's Hitokage
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Squirtle
  • Japan サトシのゼニガメ
  • Japan Satoshi no Zenigame
  • Japan Satoshi's Zenigame
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Charmeleon
  • Japan サトシのリザード
  • Japan Satoshi no Lizardo
  • Japan Satoshi's Lizardo
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Charizard
  • Japan サトシのリザードン
  • Japan Satoshi no Lizardon
  • Japan Satoshi's Lizardon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Lapras
  • Japan サトシのラプラス
  • Japan Satoshi no Laplace
  • Japan Satoshi's Laplace
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Tracey Sketchit
  • Japan ケンジ
  • Japan Kenji
  • Japan Kenji
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Damian's Charmander
  • Japan ダイスケのヒトカゲ
  • Japan Daisuke no Hitokage
  • Japan Daisuke's Hitokage
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Misty's Psyduck
  • Japan カスミのコダック
  • Japan Kasumi no Koduck
  • Japan Kasumi's Koduck
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Chopper's Golem
  • Japan マサのゴローニャ
  • Japan Masa no Golonya
  • Japan Masa's Golonya
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Tad
  • Japan ヒデ
  • Japan Hide
  • Japan Hide
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Tad's Poliwrath
  • Japan ヒデのニョロボン
  • Japan Hide no Nyorobon
  • Japan Hide's Nyorobon

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Tentacruel
  • Japan ドククラゲ
  • Japan Dokukurage


On November 12th, 2020, the official Japanese Twitter account announced that this episode was available to watch on the official Japanese YouTube channel. The video was region locked to Japan only. A special artwork showcasing the episode was created to promote its release on YouTube.

It was part of the Anipoke Selection (アニポケセレクション), a limited-time promotion to release select episodes from the older anime series on the official Japanese YouTube channel! A playlist was available to watch these episodes.

Who's that Pokémon Orange League


Who's that Pokémon Dare da


Special First-Airing Segment Movie Preview

Japanese Music:

Time Track Notes
Japan 00:00 ライバル!
Japanese (Romanized): Rival!
Japanese (Trans): Rival!
Opening Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 01:28 1997-1998-M01 ~オープニング~
Japanese (Romanized): ~Opening~
Japanese (Trans): ~Opening~
Satoshi admires the three badges he has won already.
Japan 02:34 1997-1998-M52 Title Card Kanto Title Card
Japan 03:19 1997-1998-M26 ロケット団隠密作戦
Japanese (Romanized): Rocket-dan Onmitsu Sakusen
Japanese (Trans): The Rocket Gang's Secret Schemes
Rocket Gang repairs its sub, when Nyarth spots the group on a boat.
Japan 04:04 1997-1998-M24 A Creeping Threat Hide sends out a Nyorozo against Satoshi's Pikachu.
Japan 04:53 1997-1998-M13 戦い(VS野生ポケモン)
Japanese (Romanized): Tatakai (VS yasei Pokémon)
Japanese (Trans): Battle (VS Wild Pokémon)
Nyorozo protects itself with Double Team against Pikachu's 100,000 Volts.
Japan 06:10 1997-1998-M01B ~オープニング~
Japanese (Romanized): ~Opening~
Japanese (Trans): ~Opening~
Satoshi sent out Lizardon against Nyorozo.
Japan 07:07 コピーポケモン目覚める!
Japanese (Romanized): Copy Pokémon mezameru
Japanese (Trans): The Copy Pokémon Awaken
Movie 1 BGM - Lizardon merely wants revenge against Nyorozo's Water Gun.
Japan 09:13 1997-1998-M49 Prayer (Sample) Lizardon was frozen and Hide decides to have a rematch with Satoshi as soon as he learns to control the Pokémon.
Japan 10:29 1997-1998-M51 The Rockets Unveiled Satoshi tries to warm Lizardon after the ice cage, but he screams in pain, prompting him to use Flamethrower against Satoshi... except he can't.
Japan 10:56 1997-1998-M53 Eyecatch A Dare da?
Japan 11:02 1997-1998-M54 Eyecatch B Nyorozo!
Japan 11:18 1997-1998-M05 祈り
Japanese (Romanized): Inori
Japanese (Trans): Prayer
Kenji runs to get more fire wood, Kasumi - a blanket, while Satoshi keeps rubbing Lizardon.
Japan 13:21 1997-1998-M06 涙,のち晴れ
Japanese (Romanized): Namida, Nochi Hare
Japanese (Trans): Tears, then Calm
Lizardon makes a series of flashbacks, back to when Satoshi (and his friends) found and rescued him and other moments, all while the whole group works to warm him up all night through.
Japan 15:36 1997-1998-M20 なんだかんだと聞かれたら…
Japanese (Romanized): Nandakanda to Kikaretara…
Japanese (Trans): If You Ask Us About Whatever…
Rocket Gang Motto
Japan 16:18 1997-1998-M15 襲撃!
Japanese (Romanized): Shūgeki!
Japanese (Trans): Attack!
Rocket Gang drills the ground with its machine and makes a hole, but Satoshi jumps on Lizardon's back to pursue them and rescue Pikachu.
Japan 17:35 対決!本物対コピーポケモン
Japanese (Romanized): Taiketsu! Honmono tai Copy Pokémon
Japanese (Trans): Showdown! The Real versus the Copy Pokémon
Movie 1 BGM - Watching a seemingly unconscious Satoshi, Lizardon learns Dragon Rage!
Japan 18:56 タイプ:ワイルド
Japanese (Romanized): Type: Wild
Japanese (Trans): Type: Wild
The song plays during Satoshi's rematch against Hide, now with an obeying Lizardon, which means an obvious result.
Japan 21:06 1997-1998-M04 出会いと別れと
Japanese (Romanized): Deai to Wakare to
Japanese (Trans): Meeting and Parting
The group waves goodbye to Hide.
Japan 21:28 1997-1998-M46 To Be Continued (Sample) Lizardon makes a joking Flamethrower against the group.
Japan 21:44 ラプラスにのって
Japanese (Romanized): Laplace ni Notte
Japanese (Trans): Riding on Laplace
Ending Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 23:04 Mezase Pokémon Master Instrumental Orange Islands Episode 26 preview

Music Statistics:

Number of Assigned Tracks to the Japanese Original: 22
Number of Assigned Tracks to the English Dub: 0
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