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Ash's Fletchling

Character Names
  • English / United States: Ash's Fletchling
  • Japanese / Japan: サトシのヤヤコマ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Satoshi no Yayakoma
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Satoshi's Yayakoma
Voice Actors
Ash's Fletchling was spotted in the Route 4 forest when it stole the Pokémon food that Bonnie was trying to feed to Clemont's Dedenne. Ash Ketchum noted that the Fletchling was fast and that he wanted to catch it after seeing it move so quickly.

Initially, Ash's Froakie wanted to battle but Ash Ketchum told it not to be reckless and to let Ash's Pikachu handle the battle. Ash's Froakie wanted to punish Yayakoma because Bonnie was looking so sad after trying to feed Dedenne. After working on a strategy, they picked a rocky area where Ash's Froakie could combine the differences in elevation with Ash's Froakie jumping power to achieve even higher levels of mobility to counter Fletchling flying speed. After an intense battle,Ash Ketchum captured Fletchling and the two of them agreed to be friends from that day on. Bonnie forgave Ash's Fletchling for stealing the food but gave it an Oran Berry as a sign of reconciliation.

Evolving into Fletchinder

Moria challenged Ash Ketchum to a sky battle and initially chose Ash's Fletchling to battle her but Moria's Talonflame thought it was too weak to battle against and wanted to battle Ash's Hawlucha instead. Ash Ketchum made a deal with her that if Ash's Hawlucha defeated her Fiarrow, that Ash's Fletchling could battle it also. Moria ended up winning that match and Ash's Hawlucha was defeated. Not long after though, Moria's Talonflame was captured by Rocket Gang and with the assistance of Ash's Fletchling, it was set free.

Moria's Talonflame wanted to battle Ash's Fletchling after the events of Rocket Gang's interference proved to it that Ash's Fletchling was a strong opponent despite its initial impression. Moria's Talonflame ended up being defeated after Ash's Fletchling evolved into Ash's Fletchinder during the battle.
Known Moveset
Peck Type
First Seen: XY 3
Used against Froakie in their battle.
Double Team Type
First Seen: XY 3
Citron was surprised when he saw Fletchling use the move
Razor Wind Type
First Seen: XY 6
Revealed during its flying training with Pansy
Steel Wing Type
First Seen: XY 6
Multiple times it was used in battle against Vivillon.
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XY 6
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