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Character Names
  • English / United States: Dawn's Mamoswine
  • Japanese / Japan: ヒカリのマンムー
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Hikari no Manmoo
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Hikari's Manmoo
Voice Actors
Dawn's Piloswine evolved into Mamoswine after being attacked by Team Rocket.

While in Brussel Town, Dawn decided to start training with her Mamoswine for her next contest which would take place in Daybreak Town. Since the contest would consist of double performances, she wanted to find a suitable partner for her Mamoswine for the double battle rounds. As Dawn's Mamoswine failed to work well with both Dawn's Piplup and D-Pachirisu, Dawn decided to try out a collaboration between her Cyndaquil and the Twin Tusk Pokémon. Even though Cyndaquil and Mamoswine lost the practice battle against Zoey's Kirlia and Leafeon, it turned out that Cyndaquil was a suitable partner for Mamoswine and Dawn vowed to perfect their combination move, Flame Ice, and use it in her next contest.

Dawn's Mamoswine was used alongside Dawn's Cyndaquil in the battle rounds of the Daybreak Town Pokémon Contest. Their combination move seemed to be imperfect, as the ice that engulfed Cyndaquil's Flame Wheel attack melted really quickly. Even though they hadn't mastered Flame Ice yet, Mamoswine and Cyndaquil managed to win through all of the battle rounds, eventually reaching the finals where they faced off against Ursula's Plusle and Minun. Plusle and Minun proved to be two pretty strong opponents for Mamoswine and Cyndaquil, especially due to their combined Encore attack. However, after encouraging Dawn, who was feeling desperate, and helping her overcome her fears, Mamoswine and Cyndaquil managed to master their Flame Ice combination and pull off a last-minute victory, helping Dawn earn her fifth ribbon and a place at the Grand Festival.

Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup

In the second round of the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup, Dawn was matched up against Iris. Despite Iris' Dragonite not following her commands, Dawn's Mamoswine ended up loosing the battle in a hard fought match between two very strong Pokémon. Dawn was eliminated from the tournament after that battle.
Known Moveset
Take Down Type
First Seen: DP 84
Learned as a Swinub
Ice Shard Type
First Seen: DP 84
Learned as a Swinub
Dig Type
First Seen: DP 87
Learned as a Swinub
Ancient Power Type
First Seen: DP 106
Learned as a Piloswine
Hidden Power Type
First Seen: DP 134
Defeats Team Rocket with it to reveal it knew the move
Ice Fang Type
First Seen: BWS2 7
Uses the move against Iris' Dragonite
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