Iris' Dragonite

Known As:
  • Flag Iris' Dragonite
  • Flag アイリスのカイリュー
  • Flag Iris no Kairyu
While practicing for the Junior Cup, the power went out as Dragonite hit one of the transformers while trying to land after a battle with a Hydreigon. The power station people thought that the Roughneck Dragonite was trying to disrupt the power but they didn't realize it was injured. It wasn't until Iris heard about the situation and realized that it was injured and she tried to protect it. Cilan, Ash Ketchum and Dawn found a video camera that recorded the battle between Dragonite and Hydreigon to show to Officer Jenny (Isshu) who then backed off when she realized that it really was injured. Dragonite was taken to Nurse Joy (Isshu) who helped heal its injuries and was free to go. Just as it was leaving, it turned back to look at Iris and Cilan realized that it wanted to stay with Iris then caught the Roughneck Dragonite.

Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup

In the second round of the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup, Dawn was matched up against Iris. Despite Iris' Dragonite not following her commands, Dawn's Mamoswine ended up loosing the battle in a hard fought match between two very strong Pokémon. Dawn was eliminated from the tournament after that battle.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Thunder Punch Type BWS2 5
Flamethrower Type BWS2 5
Ice Beam Type BWS2 5 Used it to seal the room up to protect itself
Series Title
BWS2 5 Iris and the Rogue Dragonite!アイリスと暴れ者カイリュー!Iris and the Roughneck Kairyu!
BWS2 6 Jostling for the Junior Cup!ジュニアカップ開幕!カイリューVSツンベアー!!The Junior Cup Begins! Kairyu VS Tunbear!!
BWS2 7 Battling Authority Once Again!パワーバトル!アイリスVSヒカリ!!Power Battle! Iris VS Hikari!!
BWS2 8 Ash, Iris and Trip: Then There Were Three!サトシ、アイリス、シューティー! 最後のバトル!!Satoshi, Iris and Shootie! The Final Battles!!
BWS2 13 Unova's Survival Crisis霊獣フォルム総進撃!イッシュ最大の危機!!The Sacred Beast Formes Advance! Isshu's Greatest Crisis!!
BWS2 16 A Village Homecoming!アイリス、竜の里へ帰る!Iris Returns to the Dragon Village!
BWS2 17 Drayden Versus Iris: Past, Present, and Future!ソウリュウジム!アイリスVSシャガ!!Soryu Gym! Iris VS Shaga!!
BWS2N 5 The Light of Floccesy Ranch!霧のサンギ牧場!デンリュウのあかり!!Sangi Ranch in Mist! Denryu's Light!!
BWS2N 8 The Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion!燃えよリザードン!VSカイリュー!!Get Fired Up, Lizardon! VS Kairyu!!
BWS2N 12 Ash and N: A Clash of Ideals!白の遺跡!サトシ対N!!The White Ruins! Satoshi VS N!!
BWS2N 13 Team Plasma and the Awakening Ceremony!プラスマ団襲撃!復活の儀式!!The Plasma Gang Strikes! The Resurrection Ritual!!
BWS2N 14 What Lies Beyond Truth and Ideals! レシラム対N!理想と真実の彼方へ!!Reshiram VS N! Beyond Ideals and Truth!!
BWS2N 9 Team Plasma's Pokemon Manipulation!プラズマ団の野望!操られたポケモンたち!!The Plasma Gang's Ambitions! The Manipulated Pokémon!!
BWS2N 11 Meowth, Colress and Team Rivalry!ロケット団VSプラズマ団!ニャースとアクロマ!!The Rocket Gang VS the Plasma Gang! Nyarth and Achroma!!
BWS2DA 13 Mystery on a Deserted Island!お宝の謎! 無人島アドベンチャー!!The Mystery of the Treasure! Adventure on an Uninhabited Island!!
BWS2DA 2 Danger, Sweet as Honey!甘いハニーミツには危険がいっぱい!Sweet Honeymitsu is Filled with Danger!
BWS2DA 14 A Pokémon of a Different Color!イブキとアイリス!色ちがいクリムガン!!Ibuki and Iris! The Alternate-colored Crimgan!!
BWS2DA 17 Team Rocket's Shocking Recruit!エモンガ、ロケット団に入る!Emonga Joins the Rocket Gang!
SP 23 アイリスVSイブキ!ドラゴンマスターへの道!!Iris VS Ibuki! The Road to Dragon Master!!