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ポケットモンスター リコとロイの旅立ち

  • Japanese (TL): Pocket Monsters: Liko and Roy Set Off
  • Korean: 포켓몬스터: 리코와 로드의 모험
Aired from: 2023-04-14 until 2023-10-20
Popular Characters
Liko's Sprigatito/リコのニャオハ/Liko's Nyahoja
Friede's Pikachu (Cap)/フリードのピカチュウ (キャプテンピカチュウ)/Friede's Pikachu (Captain Pikachu)
Roy's Fuecoco/ロイのホゲータ/Roy's Hogator
Friede's Charizard/フリード博士のリザードン/Friede's Lizardon
Murdock's Rockruff/マードックのイワンコ/Murdock's Iwanko
Episode List
PM23P1 1: はじまりのペンダント 前編
  • The Pendant It All Started With, Part 1
  • The Pendant That Starts It All: Part One
PM23P1 2: はじまりのペンダント 後編
  • The Pendant It All Started With, Part 2
  • The Pendant That Starts It All: Part Two
PM23P1 3: ニャオハとなら、きっと
  • As Long As I'm With Nyahoja
  • For Sure! Cause Sprigatito's with Me!
PM23P1 4: ながれついた宝もの
  • The Treasure That Washed Ashore
  • The Treasure After the Storm!
PM23P1 8: あかずの扉のひみつ
  • The Secret Behind the Off-Limits Door
  • The Door That Never Opens!
PM23P1 15: みえないヤツだ!何者なんじゃ?
  • It's Someone You Can't See! Whosawhatsit?
  • Someone We Can't See! Whosawhatsit?!
PM23P1 18: そらとぶピカチュウ、どこまでも高く!
  • The Sky Is The Limit For Flying Pikachu!
  • Flying Pikachu, Rising Higher and Higher!