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Character Names
  • English / United States: Trevor
  • Japanese / Japan: トロバ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Trova
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Trova
Voice Actors
Trevor is a rival of the player in the Pokémon X and Y games for the Nintendo 3DS. He along with Tierno and Shauna are childhood friends who got their starter Pokémon from Professor Sycamore on the same day and then started their journey towards their respective dreams. They occasionally come together at events like the Pokémon Summer Camp to get each other up to speed on their journey.

He documents Pokémon he meets by taking pictures and his dream is to meet every Pokémon registered in the Zukan. He hopes he will discover unknown Pokémon that aren't in the Zukan. Upon meeting Ash Ketchum, Trevor wanted to know if Ash Ketchum had seen a lot of Pokémon from Kanto which Trevor had not seen before.

Owned Pokémon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Trevor's Aerodactyl
  • Japan トロバのプテラ
  • Japan Trova no Ptera
  • Japan Trova's Ptera
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Trevor's Charizard
  • Japan トロバのリザードン
  • Japan Trova no Lizardon
  • Japan Trova's Lizardon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Trevor's Charmander
  • Japan トロバのヒトカゲ
  • Japan Trova no Hitokage
  • Japan Trova's Hitokage
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Trevor's Charmeleon
  • Japan トロバのリザード
  • Japan Trova no Lizardo
  • Japan Trova's Lizardo
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Trevor's Florges
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