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Lana's Primarina

Character Names
  • English / United States: Lana's Primarina
  • Japanese / Japan: スイレンのアシレーヌ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Suiren no Ashirene
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Suiren's Ashirene
Voice Actors
Lana's Primarina is the evolved form of Lana's Brionne. It evolved when swimming after Kyogre to rescue Lana.

It battled against Mallow's Tsareena in the Top 16 round of the Alola League. Mallow was going to give in as she didn't want Tsareena to keep fighting a losing battle. It didn't want to quit and it convinced her to keep on fighting and they performed the Z-Move Bloom Doom for the first time. Lana's Primarina countered with the Oceanic Operetta Z-Move and they ended up cancelling each other out. Primarina ended up winning the match.

In the Alola Pokémon League quarterfinals fourth match, Guzma's Golisopod battled against Lana's Primarina. Lana was concerned about the move First Impression as it had caught Ash Ketchum off-guard during his battle with Guzma at the Pokémon School. Guzma chose not to use that move and used Throat Chop to make Primarina's voice bad. Golisopod controlled the battle from the start to finish and it cut the Oceanic Operetta Z-Move attack in half with its Liquidation to knock out Primarina.
Known Moveset
Bubble Beam Type
First Seen: SM 16
Learned as a Popplio.
Aqua Jet Type
First Seen: SM 33
Learned as a Popplio.
Hydro Vortex Type
First Seen: SM 40
Learned as a Popplio.
Surf Type
First Seen: SM 99
Learned as a Brionne.
Sparkling Aria Type
First Seen: SM 123
As it performed Oceanic Operetta, it must know this move.
Oceanic Operetta Type
First Seen: SM 123
After training, it finally was able to perform the move.
Icy Wind Type
First Seen: SM 130
Froze Mallow's Tsareena legs to the ground.
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