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Nurse Joy's Chansey

Character Names
  • English / United States: Nurse Joy's Chansey
  • Japanese / Japan: ジョーイのラッキー
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Joy no Lucky
  • Japanese (Trans) / Japan: Joy's Lucky
Voice Actors
Nurse Joy's Chansey works at the Pokémon Centers in many regions of the Pokémon World to help injured Pokémon recover from their ailments. Nurse Joy's Chansey's are generally happy and helpful Pokémon and do exactly what Nurse Joy asks them to do. They learn their healing skills along side Nurse Joy as they both become good partners. They wear a nurse's hat but can become very angry and aggressive if its lost or taken from them as they are quite attached to it.

While Chansey may seem like a weak Pokémon due to its general happy state, it makes sure that the Pokémon Centers run smoothly by helping out in as many aspects as they can. They are also effective in helping protect the Pokémon Centers from intruders like Team Rocket.
Series Title
SL 2 Pokémon Emergencyたいけつ!ポケモンセンター!Confrontation! Pokemon Center!
SL 4 Challenge of the Samuraiサムライしょうねんのちょうせん!Challenge of the Samurai Boy!
SL 14 Electric Shock Showdown! Kuchiba Gym/でんげきたいけつ!クチバジム/Electric Shock Showdown
SL 38 Cyber Soldier Porygon/でんのうせんしポリゴン
SL 42 Showdown at Dark City/たいけつ!ポケモンジム!/Showdown! Pokémon Gyms!
SL 47 ラッキーのカルテ/A Chansey Operation/Lucky's Clinical Records
SL 51 Fushigidane's Mysterious Flower Garden/フシギダネのふしぎのはなぞの/Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden
SL 81 Friend or Foe Alike/Sekiei Stadium! VS Hiroshi!/セキエイスタジアム!VSヒロシ!
OI 3 Pokémon of the South and the GS Ball/なんごくポケモンとGSボール/Pokeball Peril
OI 5 オレンジリーグ!ナツカンジム!/Orange League! Natsukan Gym!/Fit to be Tide
OI 12 Sailing Joy! Cross the Stormy Sea!/セイリングジョーイ!あらなみをこえて!/The Joy of Pokemon
OI 17 Strike - A Warrior's Pride/ストライクせんしのほこり/Tracey Gets Bugged
OI 21 The Little Coil on the Prairie!/だいへいげんのコイルたち!/Get Along, Little Pokemon
OI 27 Enter the Kabigon!/もえよ!カビゴン!!/Pokemon Food Fight
OI 31 ウィナーズカップ!フルバトル6VS6!!/Winners' Cup! Full Battle 6 VS 6!!/Hello Pummelo
GS 1 Dont Touch That 'Dile/ワカバタウン!はじまりをつげるかぜのふくまち!/Wakaba Town! The Town Where Winds of New Beginnings Blow!
GS 13 Happinas' Happy Nurse!/ハピナスのハッピーナース!/Ignorance is Blissey
GS 34 ダークポケモン・デルビル/Dark Pokémon - Delvil/Hour of the Houndour
GS 43 ミルタンク!リベンジバトル!!/Miltank! Revenge Battle!!/A Dairy Tale Ending
GS 58 Aim to Become a Metamon Master! Imite Returns!!/めざせメタモンマスター!イミテふたたび!!/Imitation Confrontation
GS 78 The Ring Masters/オーダイルVSカメックス!すもうバトル!!/Ordile VS Kamex! Sumo Battle!!
GS 90 A Joy-san who hates Water Pokemon!? Kasumi's Anger!/The Joy of Water Pokemon/みずポケモンぎらいのジョーイさん!?カスミのいかり!
GS 94 うずまきれっとう!あらたなるちょうせん!!/Whirlpool Archipelago! A New Challenge!!/Around the Whirlpool
GS 99 オクタンとテッポウオ!うずまきカップよせん!!!/Octillery The Outcast!/Okutank and Teppouo! The Whirlpool Cup Preliminary Matches!!!
GS 111 スイクンとミナキ!ホウオウのでんせつ!!/For Ho-oh the Bells Toll/Suicune and Minaki! Legend of Houou!!
GS 113 An Egg-Sighting Adventure!/めいたんていジュンサー!きえたタマゴのなぞ!!/Great Detective Junsa! The Riddle of the Disappearing Egg!!
GS 131 ニョロゾのしんか!/Nyorozo's Evolution!/Outrageous Fortunes
GS 151 よせんリーグ!マグマラシほのおのバトル!!/Preliminary League! Magmarashi's Flame Battle!!/Love, Pokémon Style!
AG 8 ハブネークVSキモリ!必殺のはたく攻撃!!/Habunake VS Kimori! The Pound Attack Finishing Move!!/A Tail with a Twist
AG 61 Disaster of Disguise仮面のコーディネーター・ファントム登場!!Enter the Masked Coordinator Phantom!!