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OP/ED: Journey to your Heart
Journey to your Heart
Title Journey to your Heart
Song Journey to your Heart
Song Artist Haven Paschall, Ben Dixon, Ed Goldfarb
OPED Details:


The opening theme for the Pokémon Master Journeys starts off with Ash and friends looking over towards the mountains as the sun sets. It quickly transitions to Chloe looking scared to death as the jeep that Leon is driving jumps into the air.

When the lyrics get to "Please choose me", Ash and Goh show off their Poké Balls. Ash and Goh are then seen running as Ash jumps and grabs a Lugia. Then Ash and Goh give each other a high five.

Team Rocket are seen behind the bushes with Jessie looking through binoculars and then they cheer during the "Go, go, go" portion of the song as it transitions to Leon with his hand in the air. Eevee evolutions are seen as it zooms out through Chloe's eye to make it seem like she's got the evolutions on her mind.

A battle between Leon and Ash is shown which transitions to showing off some of the characters in the series such as Gary and Iris.