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Gary Oak


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Known As:
  • Flag Gary Oak
  • Flag オーキド・シゲル
  • Flag Shigeru Ōkido
  • Flag Regis Chen
Gary, the grandson of Oak and Ash's biggest rival during the early seasons, was first seen at Professor Samuel Oak's laboratory after receiving his starter Pokémon. Ash Ketchum had arrived late and was unable to see his rival's Pokémon choice. Gary has his own fan club with him that follows him around wherever he goes.

Kanto Pokémon League Tournament:

With 10 Gym Badges, Gary Oak took his confidence and slight arogance from his Pokémon journey so far into the Kanto Pokémon League and continued to torment Ash who had also made it into the Kanto Pokémon League. Gary's first battle was on the ice field which he won easily, keeping all of his Pokémon from being KO'ed in the process.

Round 4 - Grass Field - Vs Melissa

It down to the last Pokémon of both Gary and Melissa to see whom would proceed to the final 16 of the Kanto Pokémon League. Towards the end of the battle Gary's Nidoking faced off against Melissa's Golem and both Pokémon looked tired. Gary ordered his Nidoking to use a Horn Attack, but Golem anticipated the move and managed to grab onto the horn and maintained a firm grip on it. In the final move of the round Golem used Seismic Toss on Nidoking, smashing it into the rock arena. When the dust settled Nidoking had been eliminated and Gary had been knocked out of the tournament.

Gary fell to his knees from the shock of the defeat and did not decide to stay to the end of the tournament, instead he left the Indigo Plateau with his distraught cheerleaders.
Owned Pokémon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary's Alakazam
  • Japan シゲルのフーディン
  • Japan Shigeru no Foodin
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary's Arcanine
  • Japan シゲルのウインディ
  • Japan Shigeru no Windie
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary's Blastoise
  • Japan シゲルのカメックス
  • Japan Shigeru no Kamex
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary's Dodrio
  • Japan シゲルのドードリオ
  • Japan Shigeru no Dodorio
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary's Doduo
  • Japan オーキド・シゲルのドードー
  • Japan Shigeru no Dodo
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary's Eevee
  • Japan シゲルのイーブイ
  • Japan Shigeru no Eievui
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary's Electivire
  • Japan シゲルのエレキブル
  • Japan Shigeru no Elekible
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary's Fearow
  • Japan シゲルのオニドリル
  • Japan Shigeru no Onidrill
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary's Golem
  • Japan シゲルのゴローニャ
  • Japan Shigeru no Golonya
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary's Growlithe
  • Japan シゲルのガーディ
  • Japan Shigeru no Gardie
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary's Houndoom
  • Japan シゲルのヘルガー
  • Japan Shigeru no Hellgar
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary's Kingdra
  • Japan シゲルのキングドラ
  • Japan Shigeru no Kingdra
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary's Krabby
  • Japan シゲルのクラブ
  • Japan Shigeru no Crab
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary's Magmar
  • Japan シゲルのブーバー
  • Japan Shigeru no Boober
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary's Nidoking
  • Japan シゲルのニドキング
  • Japan Shigeru no Nidoking
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary's Nidoqueen
  • Japan シゲルのニドクイン
  • Japan Shigeru no Nidoqueen
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary's Pinsir
  • Japan シゲルのカイロス
  • Japan Shigeru no Kailios
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary's Scizor
  • Japan シゲルのハッサム
  • Japan Shigeru no Hassam
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary's Skarmory
  • Japan シゲルのエアームド
  • Japan Shigeru no Airmd
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary's Squirtle
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary's Umbreon
  • Japan シゲルのブラッキー
  • Japan Shigeru no Blacky
Series Title
SL 1 Pokémon - I Choose You!ポケモン!きみにきめた!Pokémon! I Choose You!
SL 6 Pippi and the Moon Stone/Clefairy and the Moon Stone/ピッピとつきのいし
SL 7 The Water Flowers of Hanada City/ハナダシティのすいちゅうか/Water Flowers of Cerulean City
SL 12 ゼニガメぐんだんとうじょう!/Enter the Zenigame Squad!/Here Comes the Squirtle Squad
PM 18 Beauty and the BeachアオプルコのきゅうじつHoliday at Aopulco
SL 31 Dig Those Diglett/ディグダがいっぱい!/Lots of Digda!
SL 46 Revival!? Fossil Pokémon!/ふっかつ!?かせきポケモン!/Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon
SL 58 もえろ!グレンジム!/The Heat is on! Guren Gym!/Riddle Me This
SL 63 Tokiwa Gym! The Final Badge!/トキワジム!さいごのバッジ!/The Battle of the Badge
SL 67 Rival Showdown! The Okido Laboratories/ライバルたいけつ!オーキドけんきゅうじょ/Showdown at the Poke Corral
SL 76 All Fired Up/Fire! Pokémon League Opening Ceremony!/ファイヤー!ポケモンリーグかいかいしき!
SL 77 The Pokémon League Begins! The Water Field!/Round One - Begin!/ポケモンリーグかいまく!みずのフィールド!
SL 78 Fire and Ice/こおりのフィールド!ほのおのたたかい!/The Ice Field! Flame Battle!
SL 79 くさのフィールド!いがいなきょうてき!/The Grass Field! A Surprisingly Strong Opponent!/Fourth Round Rumble
OI 35 かえってきたマサラタウン!/Masara Town to Which We've Returned!/A Tents Situation
OI 36 ライバルたいけつ!サトシVSシゲル!!/Rival Showdown! Satoshi VS Shigeru!!/The Rivalry Revival
GS 5 Hoho and the Ominous Forest!/ホーホーとあやしいもり!/Illusion Confusion
GS 55 Power Play/Blacky! Dark Night Battle!!/ブラッキー!やみよのたたかい!!
GS 112 Dash at the Pokémon Ride!!/Extreme Pokemon!/ポケモンライドでつっぱしれ!!
GS 128 Yadon's Enlightenment! Satoshi's Enlightenment!/ヤドンのさとり!サトシのさとり!/Enlighten Up!
GS 150 The Shirogane League Begins! Shigeru Returns!/シロガネリーグかいまく!シゲルふたたび!/A Claim to Flame!
GS 151 よせんリーグ!マグマラシほのおのバトル!!/Preliminary League! Magmarashi's Flame Battle!!/Love, Pokémon Style!
GS 152 メガニウムVSフシギダネ!くさタイプのいじ!/Tie One On!/Meganium VS Fushigidane! The Willpower of Grass-types!
GS 153 The Ties That Bind/Decisive Tournament! Full Battle 6 VS 6!!/けっしょうリーグ!フルバトル6VS6!!
GS 154 Can't Beat the Heat!/Rival Confrontation! Kamex VS Lizardon!!/ライバルたいけつ!カメックスVSリザードン!!
GS 155 Burshamo Once Again! The Fight against Hazuki!!/バシャーモふたたび!ハヅキとのたたかい!!/Playing with Fire!!
GS 156 At the End of the Full Battle! Respective Roads!!/Johto Photo Finish/フルバトルのはてに!それぞれのみち!!
GS 157 サヨナラ…そして、たびだち!/Gotta Catch Ya Later!/A Farewell... then a Departure!
AG 86 映画はバクーダに乗って!!/The Movie Rides on Bakuda!!/Lights, Camerupt, Action!
AG 188 ハルカVSシュウ!ライバルよ永遠に/Haruka vs Shuu! Rivals Forever/The Unbeatable Lightness Of Seeing