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矢嶋哲生 (Tetsuo Yajima)

矢嶋哲生 (Tetsuo Yajima)
First Name: 哲生 Tetsuo
Last Name: 矢嶋 Yajima
Main Country: Japan Japan
Main Language: Japanese
Birthdate: 1985-01-01
Age : 39
In 2005, he joined Vega Entertainment, an animation production company, as a Inbetweening worker and later a director. After working there, he became a freelance director and worked on Pocket Monsters Best Wishes. He made his directorial debut at the age of 28, taking over from Norihiko Sudo, the previous director of Pocket Monsters Best Wishes. As an Animation Director and Movie Director, he is best known for Pokémon the Movie Coco, Pokémon the Movie Everyone's Story and the main anime series XY and XY&Z. Additionally, he is the Action Director of PM2023.

On his official Twitter @tetsuo_yajima, he will often comment about current Pokémon anime events.
Role Media Title
Screenplay Movie 23
Episode Director Movie 23
Episode Director BW 2
Storyboard BW 8
Episode Director BW 8
Storyboard BW 16
Episode Director BW 22
Episode Director BW 27
Episode Director BW 34
Storyboard BW 41
Episode Director BW 41
Episode Director BW 54
Storyboard BW 62
Episode Director BW 62
Storyboard BW 73
Episode Director BW 73
Episode Director BW 81
Screenplay Special 129
Episode Director Special 129
Episode Director BWS2 2
Episode Director BWS2 12
Episode Director BWS2 17
Storyboard BWS2N 2
Episode Director BWS2N 2
Episode Director BWS2N 11
Storyboard XY 1
Episode Director XYZ 47
Storyboard XYZ 47
Storyboard PM2019 91
Storyboard PM2019 99
Storyboard PM2023 1
Storyboard PM2023 3
Storyboard PM2023 34
Storyboard PM2023 39
Storyboard PM2023 45