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Pokémon DP Battle Dimension

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Audio Tracks:   English
Publisher:  Beyond Home Entertainment
Catalog #:  BHE5395
Release Date:  2014-04-01
Aspect Ratio:  4:3
Region Code:  
Video Format:  PAL
Storage Medium:  DVD9
Closed Captions?:  No
Rental Only?:  No


It's looking good for Ash as he works on his next three Gym Badges but not so good for Dawn coming off a pair of Contest defeats. Both will do what they can to become better Trainers from entering the Wallace Cup competition to attending Professor Rowan's Pokmon Summer Academy. Hopefully the new tactics they pick up will give them the tools they need to succeed against the latest plot by Pokmon Hunter J--as well as the emerging threat of Team Galactic!


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Episode List
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  •   ヒコザルの涙!
  •   Hikozaru's Tears!
  •   Tears for Fears
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  •   ナタネとサボネア!さよならは誰ため!
  •   Natane and Sabonea! Who is the Farewell for!
  •   Once There Were Greenfields
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  •   エイパムとブイゼル!それぞれの道!!
  •   Eipam and Buizel! Respective Roads!!
  •   Throwing the Track Switch
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  •   ミカルゲの要石!
  •   Mikaruge's Keystone
  •   The Keystone Pops
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  •   ビーダルは知っていた!
  •   Beadull Knows!
  •   Bibarel Gnaws Best
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  •   ダイノーズ!熱き魂!!
  •   Dainose! Burning Spirit!!
  •   Nosing 'Round the Mountain
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  •   レントラーの瞳!
  •   Rentorer's Eyes!
  •   Luxray Vision
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  •   ズイの遺跡のアンノーン!
  •   Unknown of the Zui Ruins!
  •   Journey to the Unown
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  •   ポケモンコンテスト!ズイ大会!!
  •   Pokémon Contest! Zui Tournament!!
  •   Team Shocker
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  •   メイドカフェのミルタンク!
  •   The Maid Cafe Miltank!
  •   Tanks for the Memories
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  •   ウリムートリオと湯けむりバトル!!
  •   The Urimoo Trio and the Steamy Battle!!
  •   Hot Springing a Leak
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  •   グライオンとグライガー!風の迷路をぬけて!
  •   Gliscor and Gligar! Getting Through the Maze of Wind!
  •   Riding the Winds of Change
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  •   パチリスはカバルドンの口の中!?
  •   Pachirisu is in Kabarudon's Mouth!?
  •   Sleight of Sand
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  •   ルカリオ!怒りのはどうだん!!
  •   Lucario! Wave Bomb of Anger!!
  •   Lost Leader Strategy
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  •   ヒカリはじめてのジムバトル!!
  •   Hikari's First Gym Battle!!
  •   Crossing the Battle Line
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  •   トバリジム!ルカリオVSブイゼル!!
  •   Tobari Gym! Lucario VS Buoysel!!
  •   A Triple Fighting Chance
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  •   ステキファッション!その名はギンガ団!!
  •   Lovely Fashion! The Name is the Galaxy Gang!!
  •   Enter Galactic
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  •   シャンとしてリーシャン!
  •   Pull Yourself Together, Lisyan!
  •   The Bells Are Singing
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  •   ポケモンレンジャー!波導のリオル!! (前編)
  •   Pokémon Ranger! The Wave-Guiding Riolu!! (Part 1)
  •   Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! Part 1
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  •   ポケモンレンジャー!波導のリオル!! (後編)
  •   Pokémon Ranger! The Wave-Guiding Riolu!! (Part 2)
  •   Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! Part 2
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  •   さよならドクケイル!
  •   Farewell Dokucale!
  •   Crossing Paths
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  •   ピカチュウ!ライチュウ!進化への道!!
  •   Pikachu! Raichu! The Way to Evolution!!
  •   Pika and Goliath
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  •   コンテストマスター・ミクリ登場!!
  •   Contest Master Mikuri Appears!!
  •   Our Cup Runneth Over
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  •   レストラン七つ星!タッグバトルでフルコース!!
  •   Restaurant Seven Stars! Tag Battle for a Full Course!!
  •   A Full Course Tag Battle
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  •   みんなライバル!ミクリカップ!!
  •   Everyone's a Rival! Mikuri Cup!!
  •   Staging a Heroes' Welcome
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  •   激闘!!それぞれのバトル!!
  •   Fierce Fighting! Respective Battles!!
  •   Pruning a Passel of Pals
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  •   決戦!ヒカリVSハルカ!!
  •   Decisive Match! Hikari VS Haruka!!
  •   Strategy With a Smile
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  •   ヤンヤンマ!ゲット作戦!!
  •   Yanyanma! Operation: Get It!!
  •   The Thief That Keeps On Thieving
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  •   灼熱のヒコザル!
  •   Scorching Hikozaru!
  •   Chim-Charred
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  •   ノモセ大湿原のグレッグル祭り!?
  •   Gureggru Festival of the Nomose Great Marsh!?
  •   Cream of the Croagunk Crop!
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  •   ノモセジム!VSマキシマム仮面!!
  •   Nomose Gym! VS Maximum Mask!!
  •   A Crasher Course in Power!
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  •   ウラヤマさんちの大食いウリムー!
  •   The Gluttonous Urimoo at Urayama's House!
  •   Hungry for the Good Life!
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  •   グライガー!友情の翼!!
  •   Gliger! Wings of Friendship!!
  •   Fighting Fear With Fear
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  •   ヨスガコレクション!ポケモンスタイリストへの道!!
  •   Yosuga Collection! The Road to Becoming a Pokémon Stylist!!
  •   Arriving in Style
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  •   コダックの通せんぼ!
  •   The Koduck Roadblock!
  •   The Psyduck Stops Here!
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  •   ポケモンサマースクール開講!!
  •   Pokémon Summer School Course!!
  •   Camping It Up!
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  •   研究発表「湖の伝説」
  •   Research Presentation 'Legend of the Lake'!
  •   Up Close and Personable
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  •   放課後はゴーストタイム
  •   It's Ghost Time After School
  •   Ghoul Daze
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  •   最後の大勝負!ポケモントライアスロン!!
  •   The Final Contest! Pokémon Triathalon!!
  •   One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team!
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  •   原点回帰だロケット団!?
  •   Back to Basics for the Rocket Gang!?
  •   A Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine!
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  •   踊るジムリーダー!メリッサ登場!!
  •   Dancing Gym Leader! Melissa Appears!
  •   Playing the Leveling Field
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  •   パチリスお熱です!2人でお留守番!?
  •   Pachirisu's Fever! Care-taking by 2 People!?
  •   Doc Brock
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  •   ポケモンコンテスト!カンナギ大会!!
  •   Pokémon Contest! Kannagi Tournament
  •   Battling the Generation Gap
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  •   ギンガ団襲撃!! (前編)
  •   The Galaxy Gang's Charge!! (Part One)
  •   Losing Its Lustrous!
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  •   ギンガ団襲撃!! (後編)
  •   The Galaxy Gang's Charge!! (Part Two)
  •   A Double Team Turnover
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  •   浮かぶ未確認怪物!?
  •   Unidentified Floating Monster!?
  •   If the Scarf Fits, Wear It
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  •   四天王リョウ!出会いと別れの森!
  •   Elite Four Ryō! Forest of Meeting and Separation!
  •   A Trainer and Child Reunion
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  •   ナエトル、ハヤシガメ…そしてドダイトス!
  •   Naetle, Hayashigame... and Dodaitose!
  •   Aiding the Enemy
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  •   ライバルトレーナー・ジュン登場!
  •   Rival Trainer Jun Appears!
  •   Barry's Busting Out All Over
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  •   ヨスガジム戦!VSメリッサ!!
  •   Yosuga Gym Match! VS Melissa!!
  •   Shield With a Twist
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  •   混戦混乱ミオシティ!
  •   Chaotic Melee in Mio City!
  •   Jumping Rocket Ship
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  •   クレセリアVSダークライ!
  •   Crecelia VS Darkrai!
  •   Sleepless in Pre-Battle