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Titles and Airdates


  • United States I Choose You!
  • Japan キミにきめた!
  • Japan Kimi ni kimeta!
  • Japan I Choose You!
  • France Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!
  • South Korea 극장판 포켓몬스터: 너로 정했다!


Staff List

OP/ED List

Episode Actors Regions


Japan 本郷奏多 (Kanata Hongo) Souji
Japan 氷上恭子 (Kyoko Hikami) Erika
Japan 小桜エツコ (Etsuko Kozakura) Makoto's Pochama
Japan 中川翔子 (Shōko Nakagawa) Joy
Japan 石川界人 (Kaito Ishikawa) Cross' Lugarugan
Japan 逢坂良太 (Ryōta Ōsaka) Cross


United States Lisa Ortiz Voice Director

United States Sarah Natochenny Ash Ketchum
United States Sarah Natochenny Delia Ketchum
United States Sarah Natochenny Nurse Joy's Chansey
United States Sarah Natochenny Diglett
United States Kate Bristol Ash's Pikachu (Speaking Scene)
United States Kate Bristol Clefable
United States Kate Bristol Sorrel (Young)
United States David Oliver Nelson Sorrel
United States Suzy Myers Verity
United States Mike Pollock Bonji
United States Rodger Parsons Narrator
United States Justin Anselmi Spearow
United States Justin Anselmi Corey's Venusaur (Bruteroot)
United States Simona Berman Marshadow
United States Sam Haft Ash's Metapod
United States Sam Haft Venomoth
United States Sam Haft Sportscaster
United States James Carter Cathcart James
United States James Carter Cathcart Meowth
United States James Carter Cathcart Professor Samuel Oak
United States James Carter Cathcart Rattata
United States James Carter Cathcart Snorlax
United States Nathalie Gorham Erika
United States Melissa Schoenberg Bellsprout
United States Melissa Schoenberg Jigglypuff's Trainer
United States Michele Knotz Jessie
United States Michele Knotz Nurse Joy
United States Michele Knotz Verity's Piplup
United States Michele Knotz Marina's Bulbasaur
United States Michele Knotz Gary's Squirtle
United States Michele Knotz Oddish
United States Michele Knotz Jigglypuff
United States Mike Liscio Cross' Lycanroc
United States Mike Liscio Corey
United States Lisa Ortiz Agatha
United States Lisa Ortiz Vaporeon
United States Lisa Ortiz Trainer B
United States Tyler Bunch Cross' Incineroar
United States Tyler Bunch Magmar
United States Bill Rogers Sorrel's Lucario
United States Bill Rogers Magnemite
United States Bill Rogers Magneton
United States Billy Bob Thompson Cross
United States Billy Bob Thompson Ash's Charmander
United States Billy Bob Thompson Ash's Charmeleon
United States Billy Bob Thompson Sorrel's Family's Luxray
United States Billy Bob Thompson Ivysaur
United States Billy Bob Thompson Neesha's Blastoise (Shellshocker)
United States Billy Bob Thompson Trainer A
United States Billy Bob Thompson Trainer C
United States Marc Thompson Corey's Gengar
United States Marc Thompson Cubone
United States Marc Thompson Geodude
United States Marc Thompson Primeape
United States Bryan Fenkart Snorlax's Trainer
United States Bryan Fenkart Vaporeon's Trainer
United States Bryan Fenkart Referee
United States Bryan Fenkart Trainer
United States Bill Rogers Weezing

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When Ash Ketchum oversleeps on his 10th birthday, he ends up with a stubborn Pikachu instead of the first partner Pokémon he wanted! But after a rocky start, Ash and Pikachu become close friends and true partners—and when they catch a rare glimpse of the Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh in flight, they make plans to seek it out together, guided by the Rainbow Wing it leaves behind.

Trainers Verity and Sorrel join Ash on his journey, and along the way, they meet the mysterious Mythical Pokémon Marshadow. When they near their goal, an arrogant Trainer named Cross stands in their way. Can Ash and Pikachu defeat him and reach Ho-Oh as they promised, or will their journey end here?


Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash Ketchum
  • Japan サトシ
  • Japan Satoshi
  • Japan Satoshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Pikachu
  • Japan サトシのピカチュウ
  • Japan Satoshi no Pikachu
  • Japan Satoshi's Pikachu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Misty
  • Japan カスミ
  • Japan Kasumi
  • Japan Kasumi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Brock
  • Japan タケシ
  • Japan Takeshi
  • Japan Takeshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary Oak
  • Japan オーキド・シゲル
  • Japan Shigeru Ōkido
  • Japan Shigeru Okido
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Delia Ketchum
  • Japan ハナコ
  • Japan Hanako
  • Japan Hanako
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Meowth
  • Japan ニャース
  • Japan Nyarth
  • Japan Nyarth
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie
  • Japan ムサシ
  • Japan Musashi
  • Japan Musashi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States James
  • Japan コジロウ
  • Japan Kojirō
  • Japan Kojiro
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Professor Samuel Oak
  • Japan オーキド ユキナリ博士
  • Japan Yukinari Okido-hakase
  • Japan Professor Yukinari Okido
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Nurse Joy
  • Japan ジョーイ
  • Japan Joy
  • Japan Joy
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Nurse Joy's Chansey
  • Japan ジョーイのラッキー
  • Japan Joy no Lucky
  • Japan Joy's Lucky
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Dawn
  • Japan ヒカリ
  • Japan Hikari
  • Japan Hikari
Character Thumbnail
  • United States May
  • Japan ハルカ
  • Japan Haruka
  • Japan Haruka
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Caterpie
  • Japan サトシのキャタピー
  • Japan Satoshi no Caterpie
  • Japan Satoshi's Caterpie
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Metapod
  • Japan サトシのトランセル
  • Japan Satoshi no Transel
  • Japan Satoshi's Transel
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Butterfree
  • Japan サトシのバタフリー
  • Japan Satoshi no Butterfree
  • Japan Satoshi's Butterfree
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Charmander
  • Japan サトシのヒトカゲ
  • Japan Satoshi no Hitokage
  • Japan Satoshi's Hitokage
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Charmeleon
  • Japan サトシのリザード
  • Japan Satoshi no Lizardo
  • Japan Satoshi's Lizardo
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Charizard
  • Japan サトシのリザードン
  • Japan Satoshi no Lizardon
  • Japan Satoshi's Lizardon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Max
  • Japan マサト
  • Japan Masato
  • Japan Masato
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Heracross
  • Japan サトシのヘラクロス
  • Japan Satoshi no Heracros
  • Japan Satoshi's Heracros
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Tracey Sketchit
  • Japan ケンジ
  • Japan Kenji
  • Japan Kenji
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Pink Butterfree
  • Japan ピンクバタフリー
  • Japan Pink Butterfree
  • Japan Pink Butterfree
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Erika
  • Japan エリカ
  • Japan Erika
  • Japan Erika
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Erika's Tangela
  • Japan エリカのモンジャラ
  • Japan Erika no Monjara
  • Japan Erika's Monjara
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Marina
  • Japan ツバキ
  • Japan Tsubaki
  • Japan Tsubaki
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Agatha
  • Japan キクコ
  • Japan Kikuko
  • Japan Kikuko
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Baron Alberto
  • Japan アルベルト男爵
  • Japan Alberto-danshaku
  • Japan Baron Alberto
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Baron Alberto's Lickilicky
  • Japan アルベルト男爵のベロベルト
  • Japan Alberto-danshaku no Berobelt
  • Japan Baron Alberto's Berobelt
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Maury
  • Japan カツミ
  • Japan Katsumi
  • Japan Katsumi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Iris
  • Japan アイリス
  • Japan Iris
  • Japan Iris
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Cilan
  • Japan デント
  • Japan Dent
  • Japan Dent
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Lugia
  • Japan ルギア
  • Japan Lugia
  • Japan Lugia
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Slowking
  • Japan ヤドキング
  • Japan Yadoking
  • Japan Yadoking
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Juanita
  • Japan ジャンタ
  • Japan Janta
  • Japan Janta
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Juanita's Golurk
  • Japan ジャンタのゴルーグ
  • Japan Janta no Goloog
  • Japan Janta's Goloog
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Serena
  • Japan セレナ
  • Japan Serena
  • Japan Serena
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Bonnie
  • Japan ユリーカ
  • Japan Eureka
  • Japan Eureka
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Clemont
  • Japan シトロン
  • Japan Citron
  • Japan Citron
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Tierno
  • Japan ティエルノ
  • Japan Tierno
  • Japan Tierno
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Xerneas
  • Japan ゼルネアス
  • Japan Xerneas
  • Japan Xerneas
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Sorrel
  • Japan ソウジ
  • Japan Souji
  • Japan Souji
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Verity
  • Japan マコト
  • Japan Makoto
  • Japan Makoto
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Bonji
  • Japan ボンジイ
  • Japan Bonji
  • Japan Bonji
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Marshadow
  • Japan マーシャドー
  • Japan Marshadow
  • Japan Marshadow
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Verity's Piplup
  • Japan マコトのポッチャマ
  • Japan Makoto no Pochama
  • Japan Makoto's Pochama
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Marina's Bulbasaur
  • Japan ツバキのフシギダネ
  • Japan Tsubaki no Fushigidane
  • Japan Tsubaki's Fushigidane
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gary's Squirtle
  • Japan シゲルのゼニガメ
  • Japan Shigeru no Zenigame
  • Japan Shigeru's Zenigame
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Cross
  • Japan クロス
  • Japan Cross
  • Japan Cross
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Cross' Lycanroc
  • Japan クロスのルガルガン
  • Japan Cross no Lugarugan
  • Japan Cross' Lugarugan
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Cross' Incineroar
  • Japan クロスのガオガエン
  • Japan Cross no Gaogaen
  • Japan Cross' Gaogaen
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Sorrel's Lucario
  • Japan ソウジのルカリオ
  • Japan Souji no Lucario
  • Japan Souji's Lucario
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Sorrel's Family's Luxray
  • Japan ソウジの家族のレントラー
  • Japan Souji no kazoku no Rentorar
  • Japan Souji's Family's Rentorar
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Verity's Lapras
  • Japan マコトのラプラス
  • Japan Makoto no Laplace
  • Japan Makoto's Laplace
Character Thumbnail
  • United States The Daughter
  • Japan
  • Japan Musume
  • Japan Daughter
Character Thumbnail
  • United States The Mother
  • Japan 母親
  • Japan Hahaoya
  • Japan Mother
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Maury's Torterra
  • Japan カツミのドダイトス
  • Japan Katsumi no Dodaitose
  • Japan Katsumi's Dodaitose
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Tierno's Charmander
  • Japan ティエルノのヒトカゲ
  • Japan Tierno no Hitokage
  • Japan Tierno's Hitokage

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Bulbasaur
  • Japan フシギダネ
  • Japan Fushigidane
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Ivysaur
  • Japan フシギソウ
  • Japan Fushigisou
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Venusaur
  • Japan フシギバナ
  • Japan Fushigibana
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Squirtle
  • Japan ゼニガメ
  • Japan Zenigame
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Wartortle
  • Japan カメール
  • Japan Kameil
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Blastoise
  • Japan カメックス
  • Japan Kamex
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Butterfree
  • Japan バタフリー
  • Japan Butterfree
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Weedle
  • Japan ビードル
  • Japan Beedle
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Kakuna
  • Japan コクーン
  • Japan Cocoon
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Pidgey
  • Japan ポッポ
  • Japan Poppo
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Pidgeotto
  • Japan ピジョン
  • Japan Pigeon
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Pidgeot
  • Japan ピジョット
  • Japan Pigeot
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Rattata
  • Japan コラッタ
  • Japan Koratta
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Spearow
  • Japan オニスズメ
  • Japan Onisuzume
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Fearow
  • Japan オニドリル
  • Japan Onidrill
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Arbok
  • Japan アーボック
  • Japan Arbok
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Sandshrew
  • Japan サンド
  • Japan Sand
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Sandslash
  • Japan サンドパン
  • Japan Sandpan
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Nidoran♀
  • Japan ニドラン♀
  • Japan Nidoran♀
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Nidorina
  • Japan ニドリーナ
  • Japan Nidorina
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Nidoqueen
  • Japan ニドクイン
  • Japan Nidoqueen
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Nidoran♂
  • Japan ニドラン♂
  • Japan Nidoran♂
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Nidoking
  • Japan ニドキング
  • Japan Nidoking
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Clefairy
  • Japan ピッピ
  • Japan Pippi
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Vulpix
  • Japan ロコン
  • Japan Rokon
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Jigglypuff
  • Japan プリン
  • Japan Purin
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Zubat
  • Japan ズバット
  • Japan Zubat
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Golbat
  • Japan ゴルバット
  • Japan Golbat
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Oddish
  • Japan ナゾノクサ
  • Japan Nazonokusa
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Paras
  • Japan パラス
  • Japan Paras
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Parasect
  • Japan パラセクト
  • Japan Parasect
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Venonat
  • Japan コンパン
  • Japan Kongpang
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Venomoth
  • Japan モルフォン
  • Japan Morphon
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Diglett
  • Japan ディグダ
  • Japan Digda
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Psyduck
  • Japan コダック
  • Japan Koduck
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Primeape
  • Japan オコリザル
  • Japan Okorizaru
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Growlithe
  • Japan ガーディ
  • Japan Gardie
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Poliwag
  • Japan ニョロモ
  • Japan Nyoromo
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Abra
  • Japan ケーシィ
  • Japan Casey
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Machop
  • Japan ワンリキー
  • Japan Wanriky
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Bellsprout
  • Japan マダツボミ
  • Japan Madatsubomi
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Weepinbell
  • Japan ウツドン
  • Japan Utsudon
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Tentacool
  • Japan メノクラゲ
  • Japan Menokurage
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Tentacruel
  • Japan ドククラゲ
  • Japan Dokukurage
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Geodude
  • Japan イシツブテ
  • Japan Ishitsubute
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Graveler
  • Japan ゴローン
  • Japan Golone
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Rapidash
  • Japan ギャロップ
  • Japan Gallop
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Magnemite
  • Japan コイル
  • Japan Coil
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Magneton
  • Japan レアコイル
  • Japan Rarecoil
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Farfetch'd
  • Japan カモネギ
  • Japan Kamonegi
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Dewgong
  • Japan ジュゴン
  • Japan Jugon
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Muk
  • Japan ベトベトン
  • Japan Betbeton
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Gastly
  • Japan ゴース
  • Japan Ghos
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Haunter
  • Japan ゴースト
  • Japan Ghost
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Gengar
  • Japan ゲンガー
  • Japan Gangar
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Onix
  • Japan イワーク
  • Japan Iwark
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Exeggutor
  • Japan ナッシー
  • Japan Nassy
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Cubone
  • Japan カラカラ
  • Japan Karakara
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Marowak
  • Japan ガラガラ
  • Japan Garagara
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Hitmonlee
  • Japan サワムラー
  • Japan Sawamular
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Koffing
  • Japan ドガース
  • Japan Dogas
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Weezing
  • Japan マタドガス
  • Japan Matadogas
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Rhyhorn
  • Japan サイホーン
  • Japan Sihorn
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Rhydon
  • Japan サイドン
  • Japan Sidon
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Kangaskhan
  • Japan ガルーラ
  • Japan Garura
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Horsea
  • Japan タッツー
  • Japan Tattu
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Seadra
  • Japan シードラ
  • Japan Seadra
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Goldeen
  • Japan トサキント
  • Japan Tosakinto
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Staryu
  • Japan ヒトデマン
  • Japan Hitodeman
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Starmie
  • Japan スターミー
  • Japan Starmie
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Scyther
  • Japan ストライク
  • Japan Strike
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Electabuzz
  • Japan エレブー
  • Japan Eleboo
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Magmar
  • Japan ブーバー
  • Japan Boober
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Pinsir
  • Japan カイロス
  • Japan Kailios
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Tauros
  • Japan ケンタロス
  • Japan Kentauros
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Magikarp
  • Japan コイキング
  • Japan Koiking
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Gyarados
  • Japan ギャラドス
  • Japan Gyarados
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Lapras
  • Japan ラプラス
  • Japan Laplace
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Ditto
  • Japan メタモン
  • Japan Metamon
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Eevee
  • Japan イーブイ
  • Japan Eievui
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Vaporeon
  • Japan シャワーズ
  • Japan Showers
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Jolteon
  • Japan サンダース
  • Japan Thunders
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Aerodactyl
  • Japan プテラ
  • Japan Ptera
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Snorlax
  • Japan カビゴン
  • Japan Kabigon
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Articuno
  • Japan フリーザー
  • Japan Freezer
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Zapdos
  • Japan サンダー
  • Japan Thunder
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Moltres
  • Japan ファイヤー
  • Japan Fire
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Chikorita
  • Japan チコリータ
  • Japan Chicorita
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Ledyba
  • Japan レディバ
  • Japan Ledyba
  • Japan Ledyba
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Pichu
  • Japan ピチュー
  • Japan Pichu
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Cleffa
  • Japan ピィ
  • Japan Py
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Igglybuff
  • Japan ププリン
  • Japan Pupurin
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Togepi
  • Japan トゲピー
  • Japan Togepi
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Hoppip
  • Japan ハネッコ
  • Japan Hanecco
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Aipom
  • Japan エイパム
  • Japan Eipam
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Magby
  • Japan ブビィ
  • Japan Buby
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Raikou
  • Japan ライコウ
  • Japan Raikou
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Entei
  • Japan エンテイ
  • Japan Entei
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Suicune
  • Japan スイクン
  • Japan Suicune
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Ho-oh
  • Japan ホウオウ
  • Japan Houou
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Poochyena
  • Japan ポチエナ
  • Japan Pochiena
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Mightyena
  • Japan グラエナ
  • Japan Graena
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Wingull
  • Japan キャモメ
  • Japan Camome
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Wailord
  • Japan ホエルオー
  • Japan Whaloh
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Empoleon
  • Japan エンペルト
  • Japan Emperte
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Combee
  • Japan ミツハニー
  • Japan Mitsuhoney
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Drifblim
  • Japan フワライド
  • Japan Fuwaride
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Oshawott
  • Japan ミジュマル
  • Japan Mijumaru
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Pansage
  • Japan ヤナップ
  • Japan Yanappu
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Gurdurr
  • Japan ドテッコツ
  • Japan Dotekkotsu
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Conkeldurr
  • Japan ローブシン
  • Japan Roubushin
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Gothita
  • Japan ゴチム
  • Japan Gothimu
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Gothorita
  • Japan ゴチミル
  • Japan Gothimiru
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Gothitelle
  • Japan ゴチルゼル
  • Japan Gothiruselle
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Flabébé
  • Japan フラべべ
  • Japan Flabebe
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Skiddo
  • Japan メェークル
  • Japan Meecle
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Gogoat
  • Japan ゴーゴート
  • Japan Gogoat
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Spritzee
  • Japan シュシュプ
  • Japan Shushupu
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Rowlet
  • Japan モクロー
  • Japan Mokuroh
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Litten
  • Japan ニャビー
  • Japan Nyabby
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Popplio
  • Japan アシマリ
  • Japan Ashimari
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Tapu Koko
  • Japan カプ・コケコ
  • Japan Kapu-Kokeko
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Episode Music Regions
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Japanese Music:

Time Track Notes
Japan 00:12 ピカチュウロゴ
Japanese (Romanized): Pikachu logo
Japanese (TL): Pikachu Logo
Pokémon the Movie: I choose you! Logo
Japan 00:35 オープニング・バトル
Japanese (Romanized): Opening battle
Japanese (TL): Opening Battle
Gengar and Kamex battle at the beginning of the movie.
Japan 01:40 キミにきめる前夜
Japanese (Romanized): Kimi ni kimeru zenya
Japanese (TL): The Night Before I Choose You
Narrator introduces Satoshi from Masara Town who is watching the battle on TV in his room.
Japan 02:41 遅刻
Japanese (Romanized): Chikoku
Japanese (TL): Being Late
Hanako wakes up Satoshi and tells him he will be late.
Japan 03:28 遅刻したオレが悪い
Japanese (Romanized): Chikoku shita ore ga warui
Japanese (TL): It's My Own Fault I Was Late
Okido informs Satoshi that Zenigame was taken already by another trainer.
Japan 04:11 残りポケモン
Japanese (Romanized): Nokori Pokémon
Japanese (TL): The Remaining Pokémon
Satoshi sees a tail wagging on the top story of Okido's lab.
Japan 05:19 旅立ち…
Japanese (Romanized): Tabidachi…
Japanese (TL): Setting Off...
Satoshi's mom brings him his clothes.
Japan 05:49 ピカチュウの機嫌
Japanese (Romanized): Pikachu no kigen
Japanese (TL): Pikachu's Mood
Okido explains that Pikachu doesn't like going into the monster ball.
Japan 06:53 ポッポ、ゲットだぜ?!
Japanese (Romanized): Poppo, get da ze?!
Japanese (TL): I Got Poppo?!
Satoshi sees a Poppo and decides to get it!
Japan 07:56 オニスズメ襲来!
Japanese (Romanized): Onisuzume shūrai!
Japanese (TL): The Attack of the Onisuzume!
The Onisuzume flock attacks Satoshi!
Japan 09:00 オレを誰だと思っているんだ!
Japanese (Romanized): Ore wo dare da to omotte iru n da!
Japanese (TL): Who Do You Think I Am?!
The Onisuzume flock catches up to Satoshi once again.
Japan 11:23 旅立ちの虹
Japanese (Romanized): Tabidachi no niji
Japanese (TL): The Rainbow on the Day We Set off
Satoshi and Pikachu finally begin to like each other as partners and see Ho-oh fly by.
Japan 12:58 めざせポケモンマスター -20th Anniversary- [MOVIEサイズ]
Japanese (Romanized): Mezase Pokémon Master -20th Anniversary- [MOVIE Size]
Japanese (TL): Aim to be a Pokémon Master -20th Anniversary- [MOVIE Size]
Song starts when the Monster Ball opens.
Japan 15:55 レインボーバッジゲットだぜ!
Japanese (Romanized): Rainbow Badge get da ze!
Japanese (TL): I Got the Rainbow Badge!
Erika gives Satoshi the Rainbow Badge.
Japan 17:28 ロケット団登場!
Japanese (Romanized): Rocket-dan tōjō!
Japanese (TL): Enter the Rocket Gang!
Rocket Gang sit at the Pokémon Center with newspapers in front of their faces with holes in them.
Japan 18:18 ざわつくポケモンセンター
Japanese (Romanized): Zawatsuku Pokémon Center
Japanese (TL): The Bustling Pokémon Center
Trainers talk to Satoshi at the Pokémon Center about a strong Pokémon.
Japan 18:59 エンテイとのバトル
Japanese (Romanized): Entei to no battle
Japanese (TL): The Battle with Entei
Satoshi spots Entei.
Japan 21:42 ピカチュウ VS ポッチャマ
Japanese (Romanized): Pikachu VS Pochama
Japanese (TL): Pikachu VS Pochama
Pikachu and Pochama battle over the lost opportunity of Entei.
Japan 22:46 止まれ! イワーク!
Japanese (Romanized): Tomare! Iwark!
Japanese (TL): Stop, Iwark!
Satoshi slides down the side of a cliff being chased by Iwark.
Japan 24:16 不条理
Japanese (Romanized): Fujōri
Japanese (TL): Irrationality
A trainer kicks his Hitokage to the ground
Japan 27:26 ソウジの治療
Japanese (Romanized): Soji no chiryō
Japanese (TL): Soji's Medical Treatment
Hitokage is treated by Soji.
Japan 29:36 温もり
Japanese (Romanized): Nukumori
Japanese (TL): Warmth
Lucario and Pochama are recalled.
Japan 30:51 ホウオウ伝説
Japanese (Romanized): Houou densetsu
Japanese (TL): The Houou Legend
Soji tells about the legend of Houou.
Japan 32:04 虹の勇者
Japanese (Romanized): Niji no yūsha
Japanese (TL): Heroes of the Rainbow
Satoshi shows that he got Houou's feather which peaks Entei's interest.
Japan 34:06 ヒトカゲ、ゲットだぜ!
Japanese (Romanized): Hitokage, get da ze!
Japanese (TL): I Got Hitokage!
Hitokage decides to join Satoshi.
Japan 34:54 虹のふもとへ
Japanese (Romanized): Niji no fumoto e
Japanese (TL): To the Foot of the Rainbow
Houou's feather lights up.
Japan 35:45 めざせポケモンマスター [inst ver.]
Japanese (Romanized): Mezase Pokémon Master [inst ver.]
Japanese (TL): Aim to Be A Pokémon Master [inst ver.]
Satoshi and friends go swimming.
Japan 38:35 ヒトカゲ VS プリン
Japanese (Romanized): Hitokage VS Purin
Japanese (TL): Hitokage VS Purin
Hitokage wins a battle against Purin!
Japan 41:29 クロス登場!
Japanese (Romanized): Cross tōjō!
Japanese (TL): Enter Cross!
Hitokage's original trainer shows up for a battle.
Japan 42:18 因縁の対決!
Japanese (Romanized): Innen no taiketsu!
Japanese (TL): The Fated Showdown!
Lizardo uses Flamethrower to start the battle!
Japan 43:30 怒とうのガオガエン
Japanese (Romanized): Dotō no Gaogaen
Japanese (TL): The Furious Gaogaen
Lizardo isn't doing too well against Gaogaen.
Japan 46:15 待ってよ、サトシ!
Japanese (Romanized): Matte yo, Satoshi!
Japanese (TL): Wait, Satoshi!
Marshadow's eyes are seen on the ground.
Japan 50:14 Movie 20 BGM - めざせポケモンマスター (Piano Version)
Japanese (TL): Aim To Be A Pokémon Master (Piano Version)
Satoshi looking towards the city on the school roof in the dream vision.
Japan 51:29 悪夢
Japanese (Romanized): Akumu
Japanese (TL): Nightmare
Satoshi sees Pikachu on the roof top phase in.
Japan 52:47 ごめん!
Japanese (Romanized): Gomen!
Japanese (TL): I'm Sorry!
Marshadow goes away as Pikachu is hugged by Satoshi.
Japan 53:54 雪山のレントラー
Japanese (Romanized): Yukiyama no Rentorar
Japanese (TL): The Rentorar on the Snow Mountain
Soji recalls being watched over by Rentorar.
Japan 55:36 襲撃
Japanese (Romanized): Shūgeki
Japanese (TL): The Attack
Ash and friends are grabbed by a group of Primeape's.
Japan 55:58 バタフリーがんばる!
Japanese (Romanized): Butterfree ganbaru!
Japanese (TL): Butterfree Tries Its Best!
Transel uses String Shot to tie up the Okorizaru and then evolves into Butterfree.
Japan 57:47 ラプラスに乗って
Japanese (Romanized): Laplace ni notte
Japanese (TL): Riding on Laplace
The group ride on Laplace down the river.
Japan 58:13 バタフリー VS オニドリル
Japanese (Romanized): Butterfree VS Onidrill
Japanese (TL): Butterfree VS Onidrill
Butterfree is attacked by an Onidrill.
Japan 59:17 レインボーバッジゲットだぜ!
Japanese (Romanized): Rainbow Badge get da ze!
Japanese (TL): I Got the Rainbow Badge!
Shortened version of the track.
Japan 59:56 ロケット団の企み
Japanese (Romanized): Rocket-dan no takurami
Japanese (TL): The Rocket Gang's Plot
Movie 19 BGM - A slight variation on the version released in movie 19.
Japan 1:00:11 バタフリー恋の季節
Japanese (Romanized): Butterfree koi no kisetsu
Japanese (TL): The Season of Butterfree Love
A flock of Butterfree!
Japan 1:01:38 バイバイバタフリー
Japanese (Romanized): Bye Bye Butterfree
Japanese (TL): Bye Bye Butterfree
Satoshi says goodbye to Butterfree.
Japan 1:05:10 虹色の羽根の導き
Japanese (Romanized): Nijiiro no hane no michibiki
Japanese (TL): The Rainbow Feather Guides the Way
Bonji checked out the Houou feather.
Japan 1:07:09 クロス乱入!
Japanese (Romanized): Cross rannyū!
Japanese (TL): Cross Barges in!
Cross tries to interfere but Marshadow appears.
Japan 1:08:11 炎の対決
Japanese (Romanized): Honō no taiketsu
Japanese (TL): A Fire Showdown
Lizardo comes out to battle!
Japan 1:09:05 熱き炎対決!
Japanese (Romanized): Atsuki honō taiketsu!
Japanese (TL): The Fire Showdown Is Getting Heated
Lizardo evolves into Lizardon! Now it's going to kick Cross' ass!
Japan 1:12:27 悪しき心
Japanese (Romanized): Ashiki kokoro
Japanese (TL): A Wicked Soul
Cross takes the feather from Satoshi.
Japan 1:13:02 悪しき心に触れる時
Japanese (Romanized): Ashiki kokoro ni fureru toki
Japanese (TL): When Touched by a Wicked Soul
Marshadow grabs Cross.
Japan 1:15:19 死闘
Japanese (Romanized): Shitō
Japanese (TL): Mortal Combat
Lizardon fights off the Pokémon.
Japan 1:18:46 ピカチュウ、この中に入れ!
Japanese (Romanized): Pikachu, kono naka ni ire!
Japanese (TL): Pikachu, Enter it!
The Pokémon approach Satoshi and Pikachu.
Japan 1:21:35 ピカチュウの涙
Japanese (Romanized): Pikachu no namida
Japanese (TL): Pikachu's Tears
Pikachu pops out of its monster ball to see Satoshi.
Japan 1:23:37 ピカピ!
Japanese (Romanized): Pikapi!
Japanese (TL): Pikapi!
Satoshi running in a field.
Japan 1:25:37 ホウオウ降臨
Japanese (Romanized): Houou kōrin
Japanese (TL): Houou Descends
Satoshi takes the feather to the top of the crystal.
Japan 1:28:11 ピカチュウ VS ホウオウ
Japanese (Romanized): Pikachu VS Houou
Japanese (TL): Pikachu VS Houou
Houou agrees to battle Satoshi and Pikachu! Pikachu maybe OP in the anime but let's be real, it's not going to bea Houou, right?!
Japan 1:29:13 それぞれの道へ
Japanese (Romanized): Sorezore no michi e
Japanese (TL): Each Goes Their Own Way
Satoshi parts ways with Cross and the others.
Japan 1:31:14 ポケットモンスター縮めてポケモン
Japanese (Romanized): Pocket Monsters chijimete Pokémon
Japanese (TL): Pocket Monsters, Or Pokémon For Short
Satoshi and Pikachu head down the road running towards their next adventure!
Japan 1:32:25 オラシオンのテーマ ~共に歩こう~
Japanese (Romanized): Oración no thema ~tomo ni arukō~
Japanese (TL): The Oración Theme: Let's Walk Together
Ending theme is a vocal version of the Oración music track from the 10th Pocket Monsters movie.

Dub Music:

Time Track Notes
United States 12:45 Pokémon Theme (Gotta Catch 'em All) [From "Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You"] Song starts when the Poké Ball opens.
United States 1:31:00 ポケットモンスター縮めてポケモン
Japanese (Romanized): Pocket Monsters chijimete Pokémon
Japanese (TL): Pocket Monsters, Or Pokémon For Short
Ash and Pikachu head down the road running towards their next adventure!
United States 1:32:10 I Choose You [From "Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You"] Ending Theme for the English Dub (Part 1)
United States 1:35:07 Pokémon Theme (Solo Piano) [From "Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You"] Ending Theme for the English Dub (Part 2)

Music Statistics:

Number of Assigned Tracks to the Japanese Original: 59
Number of Assigned Tracks to the English Dub: 4
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Teaser Summary:
Do you know
how these two met?

Satoshi and Pikachu are currently the best of partners.
But the truth is, their initial meeting went as badly as it could possibly have!

A Pikachu that won't listen to Satoshi,
and an unskilled Satoshi that wants to befriend Pikachu:
Can these two become true partners?

On the day they set off from Masara Town,
the two swore an oath as they looked up at Houou flying across the sky:
"Let's go meet it together one day!"

And now this duo's adventure begins, guided by the shining rainbow-colored wings!

"Why won't you enter the monster ball...?"

To all Pokémon fans:
This is the story of the duo's "meeting" and "promise".
This is the creation of the 20th anniversary movie!

Pocket Monsters, or "Pokémon" for short:
Mysterious lifeforms that hide many secrets.

There are still many things we don't know about their ecology.

Even today,
Pokémon Trainers continue their adventures
with the aim of encountering Pokémon never before seen...

Satoshi, a boy living in Masara Town, greeted the morning of his 10th birthday, the day he could become qualified to become a Pokémon Trainer. Satoshi's heart was filled with a desire for Pokémon he has never seen before and a world he has never seen before, but while he was meant to be given a Pokémon that would become his partner at the Okido Laboratories, he ended up severely oversleeping, and all that was left for him was a single Pikachu, a Pokémon that did not get attached to humans.
"Do you hate me? I like you!" Even though the two were at odds with one another, their friendship deepened little by little, and as they looked up at the legendary Pokémon Houou that flew through the sky on the day they set off, Satoshi and Pikachu swore an oath as they held one of its Rainbow Feathers:
"Let's go meet it together one day!"

And thus, Pikachu and Satoshi, who set off on his journey to become the world's greatest Pokémon Master, end up meeting the Trainers Makoto and Soji on their way before getting told a legend concerning Houou.
"Those who, guided by the Rainbow Feather, meet with Houou, shall become the Heroes of the Rainbow."
Satoshi and the others end up getting guided by Marshadow, a mysterious Pokémon that had been lurking in Satoshi's shadow without anyone realizing, and make their way to Mount Tensei, where Houou lives, but a strong opponent appears before them. Will the duo manage to reach Houou?! In order for them to fulfill the promise they swore on the day the departed, the two of them now begin an adventure that will last until they become "true partners"!
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