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Character Names
  • English / United States: Ash's Pignite
  • Japanese / Japan: サトシのチャオブー
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Satoshi no Chaoboo
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Satoshi's Chaoboo
Voice Actors
While at the Astilbe Town Pokémon Center, Ash's Tepig noticed Shamus and came up to it. After talking with Ash Ketchum and his friends, he realized that this was the Tepig he'd let go. Ash Ketchum wanted to prove to Shamus that Tepig was a strong Pokémon and they decided to have a battle with Ash's Tepig as the focus. During the battle, Ash's Tepig evolved into Ash's Pignite. After Ash's Pignite defeated Shamus, Shamus realized how much stronger Ash's Pignite had become and he tried to get it to join him again thinking that it would want to rejoin him despite the fact that he had rejected him a second time the day before. Ash's Pignite pretended that he was interested for a few moments before blowing fire into Shamus's face. Shamus ran off in psychotic pain while telling Ash's Pignite to remember him.

Gym Battle against Brycen

Ash's Pignite was then sent out to battle Brycen's Cryogonal and like Ash's Scraggy, it had a hard time attacking and defending against Rapid Spin. The Rapid Spin was strengthened to ward off and mitigate disadvantageous moves and Brycen countermeasures were almost perfect. It wasn't until Ash Ketchum realized they could use Fire Pledge at the center of the rotation of Rapid Spin to knock it off. The strategy worked and Brycen's Cryogonal was knocked out.

Brycen's Beartic replaced Brycen's Cryogonal and Ash's Pignite quickly found itself being outmatched despite the type advantage. Brycen's Beartic used Brine and Aerial Ace to quickly knock Ash's Pignite out.
Known Moveset
Ember Type
First Seen: BW 4
Learned as a Tepig
Tackle Type
First Seen: BW 5
Learned as a Tepig
Flame Charge Type
First Seen: BW 16
Learned as a Tepig
Flamethrower Type
First Seen: BW 50
Learned as a Tepig
Fire Pledge Type
First Seen: BW 79
Learned just after it evolved into Pignite
Series Title
Movie 15
BW 79
BW 81
BW 83
BW 84
BW 86
BWS2 2
BWS2 4
BWS2 8
BWS2 9
BWS2 11
BWS2 14
BWS2 20
BWS2 23
BWS2N 10
BWS2N 11
BWS2N 13
PM2019 68
PM2019 114
PM2019 118
PM2019 123
PM2019 124