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Biography Details: 小野賢章 (Kensho Ono)
小野賢章 (Kensho Ono)
First Name: 賢章 Kensho
Last Name: 小野 Ono
Main Country: Japan Japan
Main Language: Japanese
Birthdate: 1989-10-05
Age : 33
Kensho Ono is a Japanese actor and singer that is affiliated with the talent agency animoproduce.

Comments from May 27th, 2022 Press Release
On May 27th, 2022, Shogakukan released a press release summarizing the upcoming Masters Eight Tournament and also posting comments from voice actors. The official Anipoke Twitter account also posted the voice actors comments.

I'm looking forward to the appearance after a long time... and now its the Masters Tournament!? Alan, has really grown up...! I can't stop feeling excited! What kind of battles will Alan and Lizardon give us! And who will their opponents be!?? You can't stop wondering!!! Everyone, look forward to the episodes!!!


久しぶりの登場ってだけでも楽しみだったのに…マスターズトーナメントだと!? アラン、成長したんだなぁ…! ワクワクが止まりません!!アランとリザードンは、どんな戦いを見せてくれるのか!そして、対戦相手が誰なのか!?? 気になりますねぇ!!! 皆さん、放送をお楽しみに!!!
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