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OP/ED: Stand Tall / Stand Tall
Stand Tall
Title Stand Tall
Stand Tall
Song Stand Tall
Song Artist Ben Dixon and The Sad Truth
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Stand Tall is the opening theme song for the English dub of the Pokémon the Series: XYZ and it is sung by Ben Dixon. The opening is based off of the video from the Japanese opening XYZ.

The opening starts with Ash and his Pokémon gathered together. Ash raises his head to reveal his face he then taps his toes as a sign to get ready and zips up his coat. Luminose City is then revealed with Ash and his friends at the edge of a cliff looking down at the city.

Ash Greninja is then seen battling Sawyer's Mega Sceptile in a fierce battle in an open field. Squishy is then seen and jumps into Eureka's arms. Team Rocket's balloon is shown which features Jessie getting dressed up as Nurse Joy. It then transitions to Greninja's evolution sequence.

Squishy is then running and is being chased and it jumps into Eureka's arms. The members of Team Flare are then shown on a fiery rock mount. The camera pans out to show Zygarde and then Alan and his Lizardon.

A Poké ball then appears and Ash grabs it and the opening ends with the "Pokémon Gotta catch 'em all!" logo appearing and then transitioning into the "Pokémon The Series XYZ" logo.