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  • Japanese (Romanized): Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation
Aired from: 2002-11-21 until 2006-09-14
Popular Characters
Ash Ketchum/サトシ/Satoshi
Ash's Pikachu/サトシのピカチュウ/Satoshi's Pikachu
Jessie's Wobbuffet/ムサシのソーナンス/Musashi's Sonansu
James's Cacnea/コジロウのサボネア/Kojiro's Sabonea
Ash's Corphish/サトシのヘイガニ/Satoshi's Heigani
Jessie's Seviper/ムサシのハブネーク/Musashi's Habunake
Episode List
AG 2: 古代ポケモンと謎の軍団!
  • Ancient Pokémon and the Mysterious Army!
  • A Ruin with a View
AG 5: ジグザグマと短パン小僧!ハルカはじめてのバトル!!
  • Ziguzaguma and the Kid in Short Pants! Haruka Battles for the First Time!!
  • In the Knicker of Time
AG 7: キモリの森!巨大樹を守れ!!
  • The Forest of Kimori! Protect the Giant Tree!!
  • Tree's a Crowd
AG 8: ハブネークVSキモリ!必殺のはたく攻撃!!
  • Habunake VS Kimori! The Pound Attack Finishing Move!!
  • A Tail with a Twist
AG 9: 怪奇!キノココ屋敷の謎!?
  • Strange Suspense! The Mystery of Kinococo Mansion!?
  • Taming of the Shroomish
AG 10: 史上最強のペリッパー現る!!
  • The Strongest Pelipper in History Shows Up!!
  • You Said a Mouthful
AG 11: グラエナとポチエナ!進化の神秘!!
  • Graena and Pochiena! The Mystery of Evolution!!
  • A Bite to Remember
AG 12: ハスボーとフラワーショップの三姉妹!
  • Hassboh and the Three Sisters from the Flower Shop!!
  • The Lotad Lowdown
AG 13: ポケモンコンテスト!アゲハントの華麗なバトル!!
  • Pokemon Contest! Agehunt's Magnificent Battle!!
  • All Things Bright and Beautifly
AG 19: 脱出!サメハダーの島!!
  • A Great Escape! The Samehader Island!!
  • Sharpedo Attack!
AG 26: コノハナ族の襲撃!!
  • The Assault of the Konohana Tribe!
  • Turning Over a New Nuzleaf!
AG 27: マグマ団VSアクア団!ひみつきちの戦い!
  • The Magma Gang VS the Aqua Gang! The Battle of the Secret Base!
  • A Three Team Scheme
AG 36: 海の博物館を守れ!マグマ団の襲撃!!
  • Protect the Oceanic Museum! Attack of the Magma Gang!!
  • The Spheal of Approval!
AG 38: プラスルとマイナン!山の灯台!!
  • Plusle and Minun! The Lighthouse in the Mountains!!
  • A Different Kind of Misty!
AG 41: キモリの新技!!スイカ畑のタネマシンガン!
  • Kimori's New Move! The Bullet Seed of the Watermelon Field!!
  • What You Seed is What You Get
AG 44: カスミ登場!トゲピーとまぼろしの王国!!
  • Enter Kasumi! Togepi and the Mythical Kingdom!!
  • The Princess and the Togepi
AG 54: マグマ団VSアクア団、再び!えんとつ山の戦い!!
  • The Magma Gang VS the Aqua Gang Again! The Battle of Mt. Chimney!!
  • Fight for the Meteorite
AG 56: ヒートバッジ!燃えるバトルでゲットだぜ!!
  • The Heat Badge! Getting One in a Battle of Burning Passion!!
  • Going, Going, Yawn
AG 57: パッチールがいっぱい!幸せさがして山の彼方に!?
  • Lots of Patcheel! Searching for Happiness Over the Mountain!?
  • Going for a Spinda
AG 63: ソルロックとハスブレロ!聖なる森の伝説!
  • Solrock and Hasubrero! The Legend of the Holy Forest!!
  • Take the Lombre Home
AG 71: オーキド博士とオダマキ博士!秘密基地の戦い!!
  • Professor Okido and Professor Odamaki! The Battle of the Secret Base!!
  • Six Pack Attack
AG 73: 禁断の森の王者!フシギバナ!!
  • The King of the Forbidden Forest! Fushigibana!!
  • Grass Hysteria!
AG 75: 対決!巨大ナマズンと釣り名人!!
  • Showdown! The Giant Namazun and the Fishing Master!!
  • Whiscash and Ash
AG 79: バネブーのさがしもの!?
  • Baneboo's Lost Object!?
  • Pearls Are a Spoink's Best Friend
AG 80: 初挑戦!空中競技・ポケリンガ!!
  • First Try! Pokéringer, the Competition in the Sky!!
  • That's Just Swellow
AG 82: 森の格闘王!?ワカシャモVSキノガッサ!
  • The Fighting King of the Forest!? Wakashamo VS Kinogassa!
  • A Shroomish Skirmish
AG 85: ヒワマキジム!大空の戦い!!
  • Hiwamaki Gym! A Battle in the Skies!!
  • Sky High Gym Battle!
AG 87: 神秘!宇宙から来たポケモン!?
  • A Grand Mystery! A Pokémon from Space!?
  • Crazy as a Lunatone
AG 88: バナナナマケロ園のカビゴン!!
  • The Kabigon of the Banana-Namakero Garden!!
  • The Garden of Eatin'
AG 90: ミナモシティ到着!ポロックとつばめがえし!
  • Arrival in Minamo City! Polocks and Aerial Ace!
  • PokéBlock, Stock, and Berry
AG 94: ジーランスと深海の秘宝!
  • Glanth and the Deep Sea Treasure!
  • The Relicanth Really Can
AG 99: フウとラン!宇宙センターの戦い!
  • Fuu and Ran! The Battle of the Space Center!
  • It's Still Rocket Roll to Me
AG 109: ユキワラシをつかまえろ!
  • Catch Yukiwarashi!
  • Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snorunt!
AG 114: まぼろし島のソーナノ!
  • The Sohnano of Mirage Island!
  • Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut?
AG 116: 混戦、混乱!ポケモンコンテスト・キナギ大会!(前編)
  • A Wild Battle and a Wild Mess! The Kinagi Tournament Pokémon Contest! (Part 1)
  • Mean With Envy
AG 117: 混戦、混乱!ポケモンコンテスト・キナギ大会!(後編)
  • A Wild Battle and a Wild Mess! The Kinagi Tournament Pokémon Contest! (Part 2)
  • Pacifidlog Jam
AG 120: 怪盗バンナイとリボンカップ!!
  • The Phantom Thief Bannai and the Ribbon Cup!!
  • The Ribbon Cup Caper
AG 129: 決勝トーナメントへ!熱き戦いの日々!
  • To the Tournament Finals! Feverish Battles Every Day!
  • Shocks and Bonds
AG 130: そして…負けられない戦いは続く!!
  • And then... We Continue the Battles We Cannot Lose!!
  • A Judgment Brawl
AG 132: 最後の激闘!優勝への道!!
  • The Final Fight! The Road to Victory!!
  • At the End of the Fray
AG 134: オーキド研究所!全員集合!!
  • The Okido Laboratories! Everyone Gathers!!
  • The Right Place and the Right Mime
AG 143: 進化!その神秘と奇跡!!
  • Evolution! That Mystery and Miracle!!
  • Caterpie's Big Dilemma
AG 149: ミズゴロウとモココ!恋の特効薬!?
  • Mizugorou and Mokoko! A Wonder Drug for Love!?
  • A Chip Off the Old Brock
AG 151: そだて屋さんとポケモンのタマゴ!
  • The Day Care Workers and the Pokémon Eggs!
  • May's Egg-cellent Adventure
AG 158: 時を超えるハルカ!!
  • Haruka Travels Through Time!!
  • Time-Warp Heals All Wounds
AG 159: 熱闘バトルチューブ!VSチューブクイーン・アザミ!!
  • Fierce Fighting At The Battle Tube! VS Tube Queen Azami!!
  • Queen of the Serpentine
AG 160: 優勝は誰の手に!?ポケモンオリエンテーリング!!
  • Who Has The Championship In Hand!? Pokemon Orienteering
  • Off the Unbeaten Path
AG 161: ゴンベのデビュー戦!ハーリーと真剣勝負!!
  • Gonbe's Debut Battle! Harley and Bout with Real Swords!!
  • Harley Rides Again
AG 165: 激闘!バトルパレスでジャングルバトル!!
  • Fierce Fighting! Jungle Battle at the Battle Palace!!
  • Ka Boom With A View
AG 167: 摩天楼の赤いイナズマ!
  • The Red Lighting of the Skyscraper!
  • Curbing the Crimson Tide
AG 172: ポケモンレンジャー!デオキシス・クライシス!!
  • Pokemon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis!! Part 1
  • Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys' Crisis (Part 1)
AG 173: ポケモンレンジャー!デオキシス・クライシス!!
  • Pokemon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis!! Part 2
  • Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys' Crisis (Part 2)
AG 175: ハーリー&ロケット団 悪役同盟結成!?
  • Harley and Team Rocket: The Formation of a Villain Alliance!?
  • New Plot, Odd Lot!
AG 177: ロケット団解散!?それぞれの道!
  • The Rocket Gang Disbands!? Respective Roads!
  • The Ole' Berate and Switch
AG 183: ハルカVSシュウ!最後の戦い!!
  • Haruka VS Shuu! The Final Battle!!
  • Channeling the Battle Zone
AG 185: ペラップとポケモン漫才!
  • Perap and the Pokémon Comedian!
  • Strategy Tomorrow – Comedy Tonight
AG 188: ハルカVSシュウ!ライバルよ永遠に
  • Haruka vs Shuu! Rivals Forever
  • The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing
AG 190: 最初のポケモン!最後の戦い!!
  • The First Pokemon! The Last Battle!!
  • Gathering the Gang of Four
AG 191: 決戦!VSレジアイス!!
  • Decisive Battle! VS Regice!!
  • Pace - The Final Frontier
AG 193: 旅の終わり、そして旅のはじまり!
  • The End of a Journey, The Start of a Journey!
  • Home Is Where the Start Is!